Book Review: Jeffrey Archer’s A Prisoner of Birth

Hi All,

I have completed A Prisoner of Birth , written by Jeffrey Archer, before some hours.

Prisoner of Birth is mystery novel concerns about Danny Cartwright the protagonist, who after proposing his childhood sweet heart and takes her and her brother, who is also friend of Danny, to pub where they fought with 4 strangers and which ends to stabbing of Beth’s brother and resulting in Danny’s arrest, conviction and Sentenced to 22 years to Belmarsh Prison. At Prison he meets two prisoners, Sir Nicholas Moncrieff and Albert Crann known as Big AL, as cell mates.  At End of story, Danny proves that he is innocence.

Jeffrey Archer is well known for unpredictable end. After reading above description, you will think what’s new in the story. End is as expectable as everything will be good at end of each story.

But there are lots of unpredictable turns in stories. Danny is growing while story is growing and author handled it very carefully and interestingly. Instead of adding lots characters at a time, Author added characters to story when he wants to push story ahead. There are lots of interesting characters including Danny in story like  Beth Wilson, Sir Nicholas Moncrieff, Albert Crann (Big AL), Mr. Alex Redmayne, Frasher Munro  as good character while Spencer Craig, Lawrence Davenport, Gerald Payne, Tobey Mortimer as in evil role.

Once I started to read story, At end of each chapter I was curious to know about what would be next and hence i have completed the book within a week. It shows charm of book.

At the End, I feel something missing. Throughout the book, Author describes everything in good amount of details but covers end in hurry. Also Author covered good amount of chapters on Danny’s Revenge like Danny is gathering details of all 4 strangers to take revenge but at the End, Danny didn’t take revenge as he wants to. So I feel, Author added those chapters to create image of Danny or to add more content in book.

But Overall, Story is really good. I read good story after long time that I feel. My advice is to buy this book.  I am giving 4/5 rating to this book.

Book Details


A Prisoner of Birth

Name : A Prisoner of Birth

Author : Jeffrey Archer

Country : United Kingdom

Language : English

Genre : Novel

Publisher : HarperCollins

Buy : Amazon , Shopper’s Stop

About Book : By Author

Enjoy Reading !!!

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