Traffic rules & I


Yesterday my friend and I were discussed about election and politician. We were discussed about, how politician have to behave / work? What Congress and BJP did till today and what they didn’t do?

Day was End but I was thinking, what we have done for our country?  We are not following Traffic Rules and Regulations [Consider most of us].

So I have decided that I will follow traffic rules and regulations at least for following 1 month. 

 So I have list down following rules:

1. Will maintains speed limit [max 45 km/hrs in City and max 60 km/hrs on Highway]

2. Will not ride bike on wrong side

3. Will follow U turn and one way

4. Will not overtake

5. Will follow traffic signal and zebra crossing [in case of traffic signal workingJ]

6. Will not give bribe in any case


 Let see, till how much time I can stay on my decision!!!  

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4 Responses to Traffic rules & I

  1. Ankit Tanna says:

    Dude.. I m impressed by yor thots n the fact that u read such a thotful books 🙂
    well I too will try to follow what you have listed down…

    happy blogging..

  2. Sunny says:

    this is good!
    I am quite sure on pts 1-5. But #6, hmm.. that seems to be a challenge coz for that you will have to redesign the system, and not just you! 😛 But i am sure you will live up to your image! hehe! 😀

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