Friends : One of important part of my life


[Thanks Maciek to spot on my title. Friends and Family are important part of my life. and here I am going to describe you about one of important part of my life, friends.]

 There were lots of movie created, lots of book written and lots of quote created on Friendship.

Sometimes it happens; you appreciate someone or express your feeling to someone but generally people forget to appreciate or express feelings towards friends. 


Some people say, it’s matter of understanding. Friend knows each other’s feelings without any word. Right… But that doesn’t mean you just ignore to express your feelings towards them. Like Boyfriend never fails to express his feeling towards his Girlfriend or Husband never fails to express his feeling towards his wife [Consider wise versa situation tooJ]. Here both Boyfriend and girlfriend know that they love each other but still they express their feelings similarly one friend has to express feelings. Here just way of express and type of feeling is different.


There are 2 categories of people like coin of side. First one believes friends as big assets while second one hasn’t any importance of friend.


In IT field, you can find second category people easily [I don’t have any experience with other field people, so I am just ignoring them]. Behave like professional or make professional relationship in company environment is good thing for company and individual career too. But their behavior is same while they are outside company or with friends or with relatives. I believe, that’s negative side of these people. I am not saying all people from IT fields are in second category but some of them are in second category [because I have lots of friends who are in IT field]. I am here not writing, why other person hasn’t any important of friend.  Here I am writing, why friends are important for me and who are they [I will describe them with their some characteristic  :)].


 Generally people spend 70-75% time of teenage life with friend and same I did. Today my biggest strength is my friends. Generally I share my knowledge, feeling with my friends and same they do with me. If someone hears you than you feel good so opposite, if you hear someone than he/she also feels good and that’s most important thing. Sometime friends create a joke on me [Same I do sometimes] and I always support them and also part into their laugh. Finally it will be life time remembrance.  

When I am in Pune, I am trying to visit my friend’s home on weekend and if friend is married then my lunch or dinner at his home J [I love to eat homemade foodJ].

When I am in Ahmedabad [my hometown], Most of time, I spend time with my friends. I visit their home and take blessing from their parent. Finally they are my friend’s parent J and after leaving their home, they suggest to my lovely friend, “Just Be like Ujval” J.   

Apart from mischief, I always take care of my friends and they always care of me [because most of them are married and elder than me].

There are more than 50 close friends so it is not possible to describe about everyone but I ll share about some of them.

Vijay Narayandasani – I met him at my college at very first day. He was my classmate. Till that day, He is my best friend. Currently Vijay is also in Pune and my room partner too and going to marry on 9th May [“Good Luck Man”]. He is very short tamper but good by heart. He can tell truth to anyone on face and if you don’t like it then just think twice. Because he never think bad about anyone and if you want his help just call him, He never tell you “NO”.

Nilesh Vasoya – Nilesh was my classmate and roommate of Vijay. He is silent one by nature [and I was too at that time :)]. So I never talk him till 1 year of college. When we did college picnic at that time, He was sitting next to me and I talked him first time. Since that day, He is my best friend. Right now, He is also in Pune and just married before a month. Just before 2 week, I visited his home. Bhabhi ad He warmly welcomes me. I ate Pav-Bhaji at his home.[It was amazing, still I remember taste].

Dilip Bhanderi – He was my classmate and also was roommate of Nilesh and Vijay, but I hardly talk with him. He was counted as mischievous boy [actually His group is mischievous but he wasn’t.] and Swaminarayan follower. When we were in 7th semester, and I was living at Vijay’s room at that time our friendship started and grow. He also is in Pune and going to marry on 7th May [“Good Luck Man”]. .

 Sagar Rathod – He was my classmate and I met him at very first day of college as I met Vijay. I did my engineering from Rajkot and Sagar is basically from Rajkot. So Vijay, Nilesh and I spent lots of time at Sagar’s home. He is Rathod but never harm anyone. I never saw anger on his face. Really cool guy. And his mother, Aunty takes care of all of us. I like Tea made by aunty. Whenever I visit to Rajkot, first place I can think about Sagar’s home and He is still single like me and doing job in Ahmedabad.

Hitesh Dobaria – He was also my classmate and my best friend since 1st semester. Most of time, Hitesh and  I discussed about OSHO, different religious [including Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Budda and Jain], Conscious and Unconscious mind. He believes in “Karma” not any God. As per him, there is nothing like LUCK. You can write your destiny as you want. Right now, He is in USA.  

Piyush Sheth – I met him at my college time. He was my roommate in hostel. He was doing MCA at that time. Since that time, Piyush is my best friend. Right now, He is also in Pune and we are roommate in Pune :). He just married and I hope, he will take bhabhi to Pune soon. He is next short tampering friend after Vijay but really good by heart. He never says “NO”. just call him anytime, He answers you, I will be there in 15 minutes and He never reach in 15 minutes [Now everyone in my circle know it 🙂 ]. So when we friend meet, Common topic is Piyush and his time management :). But I know reality. As he never says “NO”, He always reaches late. So if he late mean he has lots things to do in queue [because he say “YES” to everyone].

Dipak Narsinghani – I met him just 2 years ago in persistent. He thinks, Enjoy every moment. I never saw him with SAD face. After he becomes my friend, I also addicted to watch movie on every Friday last show [11 O’clock] in theater and E-Square is fixed for that. I have seen lots of movie in E-Square with Dipak and Murtaza. After his marriage, He left to watch last show. But I have started to visit his home at every weekend. Many times Bhabhi [Now she is my sister too :)] and He commented, we took 2 BHK flat on rent only for you. Thanks Dipak and Bhabhi. They really take care of me.

Murtaza Tinwala – I met him just 2 years ago and since that day, we are best friends. As I said, Dipak, Murtaza and I watch lots of movie together in E-Square. He is going to marry on 31st May[“Good Luck Man”]

Hemal Tamboli – I met him in Hostel at my college time. Piyush, Hemal and I were roommate. He is architecture and teaches me lots of things. He is doing his practice in Ahmedabad.

Jagdish Narayandasani [Vijay’s younger brother]– I met him at 5th sem.  He was at Rajkot for 2 days. He looks like Vivek Oberoi  and he likes dancing. He is 2 years younger than me. When I was doing job in Ahmedabad, he was doing engineering at Gandhinagar. Lots of time, Jagdish, his friends and I were gone together for “Dandiya”. It was really good time. He is doing job in Ahmedabad.  

 Nirav Dave – He was classmate of Piyush, but i am connected with him since 1.5 years. He was going back from his honeymoon trip [Goa] to Ahmedabad and he halted at Pune for 2 days. Since that day, Nirav and I are continuously in contact. Good Guy. So when Piyush, Nirav, Chaitanya and I meets, I am in center point [Finally they can create good joke because of me].

Chaitanya Doshi –   He was classmate of Piyush, but now my friend too. Piyush, Nirav and Chaitanya are married. So when all 6 meets [Including all Bhabhi], all Bhabhi starts conversation with core question “When Ujval is going to marry?” Thanks to be my friends.

Keval Patel – I met him before 3.5 years. Keval and I joined company on same day and we were on same project till my 1 year in that company. He always calls me as “Ujvaliya”. In Lunch time, He and I talked lots of topics including technical discussion. He is doing job in Ahmedabad [He is still with same company].  

 Hardik Vyas – I met him just before 1 year. He is Piyush’s friend and now he is my friend too. Cool guy with nice nature. He is good decision maker. Right now, He is also my roommate and going to marry on 26th June [“Good Luck Man”]. Still I didn’t get any invitation from him while Bhabhi already give me an invitation. So Bhabhi,”Good Luck to you” too.

Kaku Brothers [Hirendra and Narendra]- Hirendra is piyush’s friend and I met him before 3 years. Right now, Kaku brother are my roommates. Big Kaku is doing job and Younger Kaku is doing PG at COEP.

 Last but not least….

Rahul Solanki – I met him when I was in class X. It was my first day in Nobel tuition class situated at Navarangpura, Ahmedabad. He was sitting nearer to me and so kind with me. For throughout the year of my tuition class, Rahul and I sit next to each other. In gap of period, we used to go for walk and ate sandwich (I doubt, he remember all these things J ).  After completion of X, I met him coincidently again after exact 1.5 years at some other tuition class of XII. We chattered lots of things. After completion of Class XII, he chooses Medical and I choose engineering. I don’t know what’s the reason behind it but either of us avoid to call each other or we had/pretend busy all these years. And one day suddenly he called me and informed me that he is going to marry and will go to Australia in some days. I was unable to attend his marriage and I felt very bad for that. I talked with him on call before sometime. He introduces me to his better half (really good pair). We are very far away to each other but feelings are same as we were in Class X. Hey Rahul, Thanks for being my friend..

There are lots of friends my childhood, neighbor, college, hostel, previous and current company. Thanks to all of them to be my friend.

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5 Responses to Friends : One of important part of my life

  1. Maciek says:

    Friends and family – two most important things in life.

    • shahujvaln says:

      Thanks Maciek to spot on my mistake. Actually I have concentrated on friends, but you spotted me at my mistake. Friends and Family are important part of my life. That’s the reason I changed title too :). Thanks again

  2. Keval says:

    Hey, Ujvaliya
    hmmmm….. Nice article.
    Thanks for posting such a nice artcle and making us proud to be ur friend.

  3. Nirav says:

    Hey, ujjval, thanks man to make part of u r best friend’s list. Even we are lucky (????) to have friend like you. You are Amitabh of our group (opposite in height but same in nature to write blogs). I have still remember piyush’s marrige and fun on those days.
    But also find how you are down to earth by nature and you own nature to take things in fun, and understand friend’s feelings.

    Thanks to be mine friend and make yours.

  4. Seema says:

    hey Ujval..nice one! I agree, friends are really important, we should treasure them.

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