Mee Shivaji Raje Bhosle Boltoye


It’s 2:14 am, early morning of Sunday and just reaches at home after watching “Mee Shivaji Raje Bhosle Boltoye” (MSBB).

Yesterday, When My friend and I visited Chatursungi Temple, my first visit during 2 years and suddenly we decided to watch MSBB because of good review. We purchased ticket from Rahul Theater for 9:30 pm show.

It’s my first Marathi movie. Till today I just hear good things about Marathi movies and really it’s true. Marathi movies are really good. So my next target is to watch “CheckMate”.

Dinkar Rao [Sachin Khedekar] is, middle class Marathi Manoos, working in bank and cannot step together with fast moving life.  He is doing same thing as other million middle class people do.  His son wants to do engineering but Dinkar Rao can’t afford donation fees.  His daughter wants to be actress in bollywood but she rejected because Bhosle surname is down in market.  Everyone (including North Indian, South Indian and even rich Marathi manoos) calling him as Ghaati.

Here movie clears idea about Marathi middle class manoos anao d shows how they struggle in day to day life.

Dinkar rao owns old bungalow but when one builder eyes on it and offers to Dinkar Rao an alternate bungalow in Badlpur plus 50 lacs and Santro car . Bhosle wants apartment in complex being built on his land but builder refuse it and try to convince with nonsense argument like “how can you non-veg ghaati can stay in middle of rich persons”. Builder tries to convince Dinkar Rao’s wife by some gold gift. His wife argues with Dinkar Rao and trying to convince that his son can get admission in engineering college if he accepts builder’s offer. Bhosle is feeling loneliness in his own Maharashtra because everywhere he finds lack of dignity in Marathi manoos.

Till this part, Movie shows you how Middle class Marathi manoos lost his dignity in their own Maharashtra [while truth is Maratha was most respectable and fought lots of time because of their dignity].

Now movie turns and Maharaja Shivaji [Mahesh Manjrekar] enters in Dinkar Bhosle’s life. Bhosle argues with Shivaji about outsider as Gujarati and Marwari cover all businesses, Punjabi cover all hotels and etc and Shivaji questions in return, “Why you are not open hotel? Why you are not doing business?, why you are not sending your kids to IAS?”. Then Bhosle fight back for Marathi manoos dignity. How? Watch this movie.

Movie is really y amazing in terms of direction, cinematography, costume, dialogue delivery and concept. It’s Must watch movie. All star cast (Mahesh Manrekar, Sachin Khedekar, Priya Bapat, Suchitra Bandekar, Abhijit Kelkar and others)  are perfect with respect to their role.

My rating for this movie is 4/5.

It’s all about movie and rating, what’s about aim of movie? Just read my view on it.

Here this film forcing to think about where are those great Maratha, who fought for their dignity?  Why Marathi manoos doing only job instead of business. As of now, only little percentage of literate Marathi manoos is doing business but what about others? Money is always in center point. Job is giving money but person cannot be rich by Job. Why mostly literate Marathi people using English as language instead of Marathi? [I also decided to learn at least basic Marathi, so I can speak Marathi in routine life :)]

Just think twice, if you are from other state, what you will think about your region if someone outsider will not call you with respect. What will be your reply?

It’s not about “PrantVaad” or outsider. Its matter of dignity and how you see this matter is. Marathi people must have to do business or compete with other state. [Just ignore those people, who are splitting people based on State instead of being healthy competitor.] 

Movie is too good and going hit since 4 weeks, but will Marathi manoos think [in good direction without Prantvaad] on it or will forget after sometime as all we Indian do.


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  1. ravikant says:

    i wacth this movie

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