Book Review : What is outside is more difficult to change than what is inside.


What is outside is more difficult to change than what is inside, Quoted by Paulo Coelho (PC) in his book Brida.

Before some months ago, most of my friends (all female friends) advice me, don’t read Brida. As per them, Brida is over hyped and not a perfect fiction / mystery story. So how can I believe without reading single word about Brida? So I picked up book from my female cubical mate and read 5-10 pages and I enjoyed a lot. So I have decided to read the book and I have started to read on 17th April and I completed this book exactly after 1 month.

There are lots of popular books written by PC like The Alchemist, The Pilgrimage, Eleven minutes, but Brida is my first book of PC. I am so much impresses by PC after reading of Brida.

There are some beautiful quotes in book which I liked so much.

What is outside is more difficult to change than what is inside

Whenever you have to find about something, plunge right in!

Sooner than later

There are no risks in Love, as you’ll find out for yourself

Brida is a moving tale of love, mystery and courage of spiritual side of Eros and the erotic side of spirituality. It’s all about Magic Path, Wisdom, Love, Rituals and PC explaining everything perfectly. I never thought to left book in middle of reading. You never feel that author goes in theory and in detail but still you understand what author wants to say.

Brida, A Protagonist, wants to learn Magic and wants to find out her soul mate. Story tells you how she learnt Magic, how she choose path to learn magic, how she got her schoolmate and etc. PC describes each character perfectly specifically Brida character. Not only characters but also explained conflicts (internal and external), fear, joy, love and temptation in beautiful manner. I feel everything when I read book.

Now point is why most of my friends did not like Brida while Brida is populated across world. I concluded that Brida is not normal fiction or mystery story. Wisdom and Magic, both are unknown for all of us. So Most of us (Event I) cannot communicate with story. One more thing is that after completion of one novel of PC either take rest or pick up another book (In case you are not diehard fan of PC) and then pickup his next book. Because as I say, magic and wisdom world is unknown for us so it’s difficult to absorb.

I enjoyed this story so much. My advice is to buy this book. I am giving 4/5 rating to this book.

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Name: Brida

Author: Paulo Coelho (Blog)

Country: USA

Language: English

Genre: Novel

Publisher: HarperCollins

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