Bad Experience


     When City expands its horizon, then number of good things and bad things adds into it. So responsibilities of Police and Government also increase. To maintain peace in city, Police have to work in day-night. One day every city has to pass from this time when it grows. But sometime it creates bad experience for city people. Same things happened with Vijay and me.

    Vijay and I were waiting for his younger brothers and brother In-law at Shivajinagar bus stand at 11:30 night on last Saturday. They were coming from Shirdi. Unfortunately their bus punctured at 60 km away from Pune (What a bad luck L ). So we have 1-2 hours to spend somewhere (?????? Is there any place where you can spend 1-2 hours at 11:30 PM in Pune…). So we have decided to stand nearer to Shivajinagar Circle (so we can either pick them from Shivajingar stand or Wakdewadi stand). We were involved in discussion and suddenly two people (They said, they are police) came in civil uniform and talking in very rude language with us.

     We tried to convince them in gentle voice about late bus but they were in bad mood (What a bad luck for us… Really in our country Bad luck depends on mood of other people L ). So finally to avoid discussion with them, we moved from that place to Shivajinagar Bus Stand. They followed us and again started to talk about parking sense in bad manner. I talked in Hindi and he realized that I am not Marathi… So now he asked me where you from and about my bike documents but another person sit on rear seat was cool and he controlled whole situation. And finally they left us at Shivajinagar Bus Stand. After that we waited for 20 minutes for bus but our mood were off.

I hope, you have not faced this type of situation and will not face in future.


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2 Responses to Bad Experience

  1. Prashant says:

    hey Ujval,
    Its really very bad… but dont take it otherwise in terms of hindi and marathi issue…..
    thats why i always suggest you to learn marathi…. you ll not face this issue again… and secondly marathi helps you to impress maharashtrian girls…

    • shahujvaln says:

      Yah.. U r right.. I have started to learn marathi…
      As I always says, I love Marathi People :)… So my learning will help me to impress maharashtrian girl 🙂

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