Final – MTV Splitsvilla 2


Vodafone MTV SplitsVilla 2

Vodafone MTV SplitsVilla 2

Vodafone MTV Splitsvilla 2 was one of popular TV show of MTV… I love to watch it… MTV Splitsvilla is touted to be one reality show whose basic theme surrounds dating… 9 Boys and 9 Girls chased fame and love. The tales of forever love simply fall down and from the rubble springs another forever love tale; to continue the lust, stabbing from behind and trust and mistrust.

Final show was on Saturday and I missed to watch. But I got chance to watch re-telecast it on Sunday.

Siddharth Bharadwaj and Sakshi Pradhan won MTV’s Splitvilla 2 beating the other couple (Mohit Malhotra and Joanna Maagi). Both Siddharth and Sakshi won a prize money of 5 lacks Rs each and would soon be hosting a show together on the channel.

When result declared, I was partially happy and partially unhappy because my favorites Siddhartha and Joanna were in opposite group. Performance of Joanna was stunning throughout the Show and even in Final, She was amazing while doing dance. She was friend of most of contestants but most girls voted for Shakshi. While Siddhartha was best as usual with his performance. Mohit was easily fall down against Siddhartha.

Just for Information [Most of the links have been removed by MTV (17/july/2010)]

9 Girl contestants

9 Boy Contestants

!!! Rock On !!!

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2 Responses to Final – MTV Splitsvilla 2

  1. pratik says:

    MTV’s reality shows are crap & all scripted. It just entertain you and makes you Fool.

    • shahujvaln says:

      Yah.. You are right.. Not only MTV’s reality show.. Most of reality shows are crap… but I like to watch only for entertainment :)……

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