Twitter : New era of micro-blogging


       Before a month my friend informed me about Twitter and told me, twitter is really good social networking site… I thought, Why one more networking site? I am getting bored to sign up in social networking site.

      But Truth is that, I signed-up in most of them. Usually I sing-up to check whether they are providing anything extra-ordinary or not but I dissatisfy most of time and in some days, I forget about it [Most of us feel and behave same, Right?]. So I don’t know, In which sites I had subscribed till today!!! In these days, I hardly log-in in any social networking site except Orkut, Linkedin and Facebook.

     So similar way, I signed-up in twitter and I found something new. It’s not only social networking site but also kind of micro-blogging which enables to send and receive message in text format, which is known as Tweet or SMS on internet.

      So like, If you like some blog then you have to subscribe RSS of the blog or have to visit it. Here some different concept of blogging. Once you subscribed to me then you are added to my profile as follower and when I update my tweets, it will be delivered to my all followers. Sender (I cosider them as Twitterian) can restrict delivery of message as he/she wishes (By Default, message delivery to all followers).

Want to know more about it? Refer below websites.
Twitter On Wiki
Visit Twitter

Reach me on Twitter by   

!!! Rock On !!!

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