Sister Cities


Sister Cities

Sister Cities

    “Sister cities” – seems crazy.. Right? Many of us have no idea about sister cities. I read about it before a year. Before a month, I told to my friend about sister cities and He was laughing at me. So I have decided to write about it  [not because of my friend was laughing at me but I want to share something new with all of you].

     Actually you can easily know about Sister Cities through Googling or Wiki. But still here, I am describing little bit about it.

      Sister cities, also known as “town twinning” or “Twin towns” or “Friendship town” or “Partner town“, is an agreement between towns, cities and even counties in geographically and politically distinct areas to promote cultural and commercial ties.

      A searchable, interactive list is maintained by Sister Cities International. Note also that any twinning arrangement should be listed at two locations in the list: once for each of the towns involved in the arrangement.

     The concept of sister cities has been criticized as an unnecessary and expensive endeavor for cities to take part in with little to no accountability or obvious signs of economic development resulting from the arrangement.

     You can check list of sister cities organized based on continent and country at List of Sister Cities. Also you can check sister cities of India and their relationship with foreign community at List of Sister Cities of India.












You can get thousands links realted to this. Seems crazy.. Right?

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