Book Review : Sputnik Sweetheart


I have completed one more novel of Haruki Murakami [I have read it because I haven’t any other options to read]. There is no doubt in Haruki in greatness in literature but I will not say, it’s great book of Haruki as I said for “Norwegian Wood“. Like most of authors follow some rhythm, Haruki mentioned about music, some novel and yah end of story too but there are lots of different things in the book. Same as “Norwegian wood”, Sputnik Sweetheart ends with one phone call. I have completed this book in 3 days and there are lots of interesting things in the book.

Basically the novel is surrounded by 3 characters as Sumire, Miu and K (Just K?). “K”, the narrator, is different protagonist from Murakami’s other novels. He is considerably less given, less self-confident, introverted and maintains respectable profession as School teacher. K is fall in love with Sumire while sumire falls in love with an older woman Miu while Miu never care of Sumire.

22 years old Sumire falls in love with older woman Miu, who is 17 years older than her. But whereas Miu is gorgeous and successful, Sumire is an aspiring writer who dressed in oversized second-hand coat and heavy boots like a character in a Kerouac novel. Surprised that she might, be a lesbian, Sumire spends hours on the phone to her best friend “K” about desire and her feelings towards Miu. One day a desperate Miu calls to “K” from Greek island and asks for his help and he discovered that something very strange has happened to Sumire.

Haruki focused on lesbianism without hurting feeling of Narrator “K”. Sumire writes letter when she is in Trip with Miu are really amazing and worth to read.

I have noted down some thoughts/sentences from the book.

A intense love, a veritable tornado sweeping across the plains – flattering everything in its path, tossing things up in the air, ripping them to shreds, curshing them to bits.

What is the different between a sign and Symbol? …….. The emperior is a symbol of Japan but that doesn’t mean that the emperor and Japan are equivalent….. when we say ‘Japan’, it would also mean ‘the emperior’ and when we speak of ‘the emperior, it would also mean ‘Japan’ that’s what a sign is.

Understanding is but the sum of our misunderstandings

I am giving 2.5/5 rating to this book.

Book Details

Sputnik Sweetheart

Sputnik Sweetheart

Name : Sputnik Sweetheart

Author: Haruki Murakami (Official website)

Country: Japan

Language: English (Original in Japanese)

Genre: Novel

Publisher: Vintage International

Buy: Amazon

!!! Enjoy Reading !!!

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