Siddhagiri Museum




A unique project, perhaps the only project in India situated at Kolhapur, is India’s answer to Madame Tussauds in London. 

            Also, unlike Madame Tussauds where wax is the main material, all the 1,000-plus images at Siddheshwar Museum have been made of rocks and bricks, stuffed with wire gauze. The images were shaped with wet cement by nearly 80 skilled masons. After the cement dried and solidified, a team of around 60 artists took over with a battery of colours. They painted the finest details on each subject, whether human or animal or the environment around. The bare minimum lighting used enhances the effects to present a natural appearance.

    The project is a dream village of Mahatma Gandhi, visually and symbolically created through the vision and efforts of present 27th Mathadhipati H.H. Adrushya Kadsiddheshwar Swamiji.

     The main objective of the Project is to refresh the history of self sufficient village life before the invasion of Mughals in Maharashtra. There were 12 BALUTEDARS (12 main profession based casts i.e. Professions performed by generation by family members) and 18 ALUTEDARS, who provided equipments to all villagers useful in their day-to-day necessities of domestic as well as Agricultural life.

      These Balutedars, Alutedars and others had a special characteristics with which they served society. The description of all 18 Alutedars, 12 balutedars and other people and there duties are vividly depicted in the museum.

To know more about it, visit .  Register yourself and log into webiste, you will get all photos of statues.

!!! Rock On !!!

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