Random Cool Stuff – I


I would like to share some cool stuff with all of you.

[1.] Search-Cube – The Visual Search Engine (Experience Here)
       Search Cube is search engines which displaying search results in an easy-to-parse, ordered list and in 3D interface. It grabs results from Google and site preview thumbnails from Thumbshots, then combines them in a 3D cube that you can rotate freely either with your mouse or keyboard. It won Mashup award in 2008.



[2.] Zoomi (Experience Here)
           A shopping experience for Amazon books, represented visually as bookshelves, with browsing controls to zoom and pan. Zoomii also won Mashup award in 2008.



[3.] Microsoft Tag (Experience Here)
       A Microsoft Tag is essentially a machine readable web link ,analogous to a TinyURL link: when read, the Tag application sends the HCCB data to a Microsoft server, which then returns the publisher’s intended URL. The Tag reader then directs the user’s mobile browser to the appropriate website. Because of this redirection, Microsoft is also able to provide Tag analytics to publishers.

Microsoft Tag

Microsoft Tag

~ Rock On ~

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