Book Review : One more IITan’s Love story


           I have completed one more IITan’s love story, “Anything for you Ma’am” by Tushar Raheja. After reading of Chetan Bhagat, if you read Tushar then you feel same writing as Chetan.  One more IItan falls in love (Why only IITan falls in love in Indian love story??? ) and story became bestseller. I think people like IITan(s).

Anyway apart from IITan, This is not complete love story Like Story starts from A and end at Z. Here story starts at somewhere middle of alphabets, say “H” and ends at “M”.

Tejas, Protagonist, loves his sister’s best friend Shreya and vice versa. Now hero wants to meet his girlfriend secretly and at the end of story he meets Shreya. It looks normal love story right? But it’s not.  There are lots of Up and Down in story which will stick your ass with chair. One Negative point is there are lots of unnecessary parts which actually not required and described very poorly (You can skip that parts, It will not affect on story).

If you are finding something extra-ordinary then book is not for you. I am giving 2.5/5 to this book.

Book Details:

Anything for you ma'am

Anything for you ma'am

Name: Anythig for you Ma’am – an IITan’s love story

Author: Tushar Raheja 

Language: English

Genre: Novel

Buy: @FlipKart

!!! Enjoy Reading !!!

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9 Responses to Book Review : One more IITan’s Love story

  1. eleena gurbani says:

    Its like again 2015 valantine is there love week now i am “one man” woman only. rohii he like angel to me when no one was there in ma life, he was there who loved me care for me its ma 5 th valantine with him.. love u rohiii

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    hi i am eleena gurbani 25 years old cosmotlogist i read this book in this hole love week of valentine trust me its boring but a timepass one.* [Trimmed contact # and other details]

  4. shahujvaln says:

    Hi Virendra,

    Thanks for comment.. U r right, Story is really funny… I have rated it based on story quality, sequence in story, Simplicity and compare to other love stories…

    Everyone have their own opinion. Like my one friend like Alchemist very much and one told me, its rubbish… 🙂

    So U given 3 out of 5 is also OKAY. 🙂

  5. I read this book last year.. It’s really funny story.. I liked it..

    3/5 from me…

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