Book Review : Paths of Glory : Fiction or Autobiography?


       I am resting on my bed, thinking about “Paths of Glory”, crawling for words and still I am at same wire end and confused about where to start?  OK…. Let’s start with big numbers… I have read 467 pages in 1 week (Ahh!!). Yah I have completed Jeffrey Archer‘s latest novel “Paths of Glory”.

      Before a Week, My friend Sagar M [About Sagar: He read average 5 books in a month, He read most of books of Jeffrey Archer, Paulo Coelho, Sidney Sheldon, Agatha Christie] warned me about Book. As per him, “Paths of Glory” is worthless (Wrong!!!), looks like autobiography (Right!!!)minus of Jeffrey’s charming writing style (Right!!!) and not interesting (Wrong!!!). I have discussed with Sagar after completion of the book and have put  my points against him and after 10 minutes long discussion, we concluded that it depends on person’s interest (WIN-WIN situation).

      I did 5-6 time trekking (around pune only) but I wasn’t know anything about Mountaineer (Actually I haven’t tried to know about it). I wasn’t know Mount Everest  (Highest mountain of earth – Height: 29,029 ft) is also known as Chomolungma. I haven’t any idea about Sir Galahad,  Ben Nevis (Highest mountain in British Island – Height: 4,409 ft), Great St Bernard (Height: 8,101 ft),  Mont Vélan (Height: 12,353 ft – Part of Alps), the Grand Combin (Height: 14,153 ft [as per novel], 14,154 [as per wiki]- Part of Alps), Monte Rosa (Height: 15,217 ft [as per novel], 15,203 ft [as per wiki]- Part of Alps), Mont Blanc (Height: 15,774 ft [as per novel], 15,781 ft [as per wiki]- Part of Alps).

     Jeffrey‘s latest novel, “Paths of Glory”, is based on Autobiography. Its story of George Mallory who is first person to conquer Mount Everest (and which caused controversy: See here). G. Mallory was an English mountaineer who took part in first three expeditions to Mount Everest in Early 1920. On the third Expedition, G. Mallory and his climbing partner Mr.Irvine disappeared. So novel is journey of George Mallory from his childhood to last day on Mount Everest.

 I am giving 3/5 to this book. You can read excerpt here.

Book Details:

Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory

Name: Paths of Glory

Author: Jeffrey Archer

Language: English

Genre: Novel

Buy: Amazon, Shoppers Stop

About book: By Author

!!! Enjoy Reading!!!

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