is it really Fantastic?




Fantastic, Fabulous, Amazing, Superb, Must Watch, 4/5 star, Full of entertainment and etc… I heard these words since most awaited movie, 3 Idiots, has been released. Viewer, critics, all TV channels and news papers are thumbs up for the movie. All are fascinated by movie but really is it fantastic movie?

I don’t think so. Indeed, Movie is full of entertainment and people like it so much (You can see that by Box-Office profit) but its neither fantastic nor fabulous nor amazing n0r superb nor Must Watch and etc. It’s totally hyped movie. It’s worthless to spend 300 bucks (in Pune) for this movie.

As per me, this movie  is mixture of Dil Chahta hain, Munna bhai MBBS  and partially picked up from “Five Point Someone” – Chetan bhagat’s novel minus lack of sensitivity and depth of emotions.

This movie is far better than all movies released in year 2009 but you can’t put this movie in favorite. Except magical speech given by Chatur, movie is same as other comedy movie. I know, you are not agree with me but just think once if you put someone else instead of Aamir Khan then does  it become  so popular?  This movie becomes popular because of Aamir not because of its best (??) script.

Someone told me that Movie leaves good massage to us. Doesn’t that impress you? I said no. We always like that which we can’t do or unable to do or wants to do but never get chance. That’s the reason this type of movie become super hit on box-office. In movie, Rancho (Aamir) is god gifted (He is intelligent since his childhood, have u noticed it in movie?) and then advice to others but instead of that, if Rancho is average boy like 60% of youth (who has always struggle to get 5 out of 10) and then if he leaves message, it would be more impressive.

Some good (or strong) points of movie are

–         Aamir Khan as Rancho

–         Based on Five Point Someone (which already created controversy but at least I went for movie because I thought it’s based on FPS )

–         Shooting Locations like Shimla, Ladakh, Chail(We have such good shooting location why people go to Switzerland and other places just to shoot one song)

–         Omi Vadiya as Chatur (We all know him now because of his great speech)

–        Kareena Kapoor – She looks very pretty in this movie. Whenever she plays  such kinda role (remember  Jab We Met), she looks pretty (At least I like her in such kind of role 🙂 ).

–        Sharman Joshi

I am giving 3/5 to this movie. I know, Most of you are disagree with me but this is the Lounge where we can put our view 🙂 .

Waiting for your views/comments on it.

~ Rock on ~

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4 Responses to is it really Fantastic?

  1. hparmekar says:

    i AGREE with you. See what is written on my blog…. Thanks for commenting…

  2. Seema says:

    Hey Ujval,

    I dont think the movie is that bad. I mean I agree that the script is eclectic. However, the forte of the movie are its actors. Aamir Khan. Boman Irani and Sharman Joshi have managed to create punches out of even some of the most heard upon drab jokes.

    I liked the movie in its totality.

    • shahujvaln says:

      Hi Seema,

      Thanks for comment… You are right.. Movie is not that bad… Movie is good, full of entertainment and have to watch it but I want to tell that movie is hyped and not at level of Munnabhai MBBS.. I am surprised when people said me that they have seen it more than 2 times….

      Actually, I was expecting more from Aamir and Rajkumar Hirani 🙂

      And ya missed to put Kareena, Sharman Joshi in good point list…

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