When I was in school/college, I was good in mathematics. Mathematics was all time  favorite subject of mine but at work place we hardly use mathematics (or I can say, I never get chance to work such kind of project at work place).  Now, I am using calculator for small calculation which shows how much I am weak  in maths now…

Before some days, I was surfing on Google and got link of About.Com. I clicked on “About.Com – Education” and which led me to Mathematics section.  I was feeling good after reading Basic Maths, Geometry, Algebra and Trigonometry. Yah Tutorial is at primary level but though it is awesome.

About.Com - Inside Education

About.Com - Inside Education

Not only Mathematics, About.Com – Inside Education contain lots of topics which can be very useful to learn something basic/core.

Reference Links:

About.Com – Education  

!!! Rock On !!!

Save Tiger

Save Tiger

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One Response to About.Com

  1. Sayed says:

    I too some time feels like I forgot basic maths, many times I use calcy for small calculation. 😦
    Thanks for sharing this.

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