70 years of Tom and Jerry

Hi All,

When someone talks about cartoon, we first think about Tom and Jerry..Right? According to me, Tom and Jerry is most popular cartoon series. People from different age group like it.

This most popular cartoon series has completed its 70 years on 10th Feb and still its looks like fresh. Right? First short of Tom and Jerry, “Puss Gets the Boot“, was released on 10th Feb, 1940. Though it was not named as “Tom and Jerry”. After successful of first short, MGM producer called William Hanna and Josheph Barbera and commissioned a series featuring the cat and mouse. Hanna and Barbera held an intra-studio contest to give the pair a new name by drawing suggested names out of a hat; animator John Carr won $50 with his suggestion of Tom and Jerry and The Tom and Jerry series went into production with The Midnight Snack in 1941.

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2 Responses to 70 years of Tom and Jerry

  1. Seema says:

    I agree… Tom and Jerry is indeed the most watched and the best cartoon 🙂 I watch it too 😉

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