Observation # 1

Hi All,

We, most of us, observe lots of thing in our day to day life. That’s natural human tendency. Sometimes we discuss those with other person and never take anything from observation (Actually there are many observations which teach you nothing). While sometimes we put their observation in execution to make our life better. Sometimes we comment on some observations too.

        Same as most of us, I am also an observer. I am going to share my observations with no comment because I am not the right person to comment on particular observation without knowing actual situation of characters of observed scene. I hope, you will like those and hope, It will give you little smile on your face.

Observation 1:

Characters: Myself, 1 Boy, 1 Girl

Venue: Pune Railway Station, Platform # 2

Date: 4th December (Friday) – I was standing out of D2 coach of Intercity express and one couple was standing nearer to me. Standing Position like Girl was holding pipe of door and stood upon first step of door while Boy was standing exactly opposite to her and starring her. Boy was asking about her schedule from morning to till the time. Obviously, Girl was also informing about her schedule till the time and boy was showing eagerness to hear her. On the same date after 30 minutes, they were sitting next to me. I forgot novel at my room and so I have no work in train and was getting bored. So I have started conversation with that boy and there I came to know that they are lover and working in same company and their marriage has been scheduled after 1 month. I have congratulated them. I stepped out on Dadar station and congratulated them again for their better life.

Date: 2nd April, 2010 (Friday) – When I reached on platform # 2, D4 coach of intercity express, I saw same couple to whom I met on 4th December. We interchanged smile with each other and I asked about their marriage life. As per them, both are happy now. I congratulated again and they thanked me. Then I left them alone and I went to near coffee shop. Then suddenly I realized their standing situation. They were standing completely opposite direction.  Boy was holding pipe of door and stood upon first step of door while Girl was standing exactly opposite to him and starring him. Girl was asking something (sorry, I was unable to hear because I stood far away from them!!!) and he was looking around or maybe he was trying to avoid her. I felt like boy was not that much interested in girl’s talk.

Anyway, I hope that was not the case because it’s just an observation and maybe actual situation can be different. I hope, both have same intensity of love which I saw on 4th December.

God Bless them!!!

Observation Series : [#1] [#2]

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4 Responses to Observation # 1

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  2. Tina says:

    And I wonder if there is a third way to see it.

  3. Tina says:

    Optimist view: Relationships evolve, equations change and what it turns into depends on the two individuals; how they accept the change, and how they react to it.

    Pessimistic view: This is exactly what marraige does to love !!!!


    • shahujvaln says:

      Hi Tina,

      Thanks for giving your view… You defined both view very well :).

      “And I wonder if there is a third way to see it.” – Personally I am agree with you…

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