Book Review : Shall We Tell the President?


Incredible!!! Amazing!!! These words are enough to tell about, “Shall We Tell the President?” first part of “Kane and Abel Series” written by Jeffrey Archer. Initially “Shall We Tell the President?” was not in the series but after the success of “Kane and Able” (second part of series) and “The Prodigal Daughter” (third part of series), the new editions of the book featured Florentyna Kane (the first female USA president) rather than Kennedy as the president.

As I said earlier, Jeffrey Archer is well known to create amazing plot. “Shall We Tell the President” approves Jeffrey’s writing style. From Start to End, It looks like Movie Plot. I wonder why movie is not created based on the novel.

After decades of struggle, sacrifice, and personal tragedy, Florentyna Kane has finally attained her goal–the presidency of the United States. Yet even as she gives her inaugural speech, those who oppose her are plotting to silence her forever. Only one man knows when the assassins will strike, and even he doesn’t know where, how, or most importantly, who they are. He has only six days to track down the senator at the heart of the cold-blooded conspiracy. Six days in which he can waste no time, leave no trail, and trust no one. One wrong word, one false move, and both a nation and a dream will crumble. Master storyteller Jeffrey Archer keeps the pace sizzling in this daring political thriller where treason and betrayal threaten to topple an American dynasty.

If you are first time reader and you are searching something very interesting, easy going novel then “Shall We Tell the President?” is for you.

I am giving 4/5 to this book.

Book Details:


Shall We Tell The President?

Shall We Tell The President?

Name: Shall We Tell the President?

Author: Jeffrey Archer (blog)

Genre: Novel

Buy: Amazon, Pan Macmillan

About Book: By Author

!!! Enjoy Reading!!!

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2 Responses to Book Review : Shall We Tell the President?

  1. sayedkhadri says:

    Hi Ujval,
    Thanks for the review, I have this book in my shelf since 6 or 7 months.
    I started reading it when I purchased it, but left after reading some of the pages.
    After reading your review, I am thinking of starting it again..
    Never read any Jeffery Archers book, Shall we Tell President is the first book I picked of this author.

    • shahujvaln says:

      Hi Sayed,

      Thanks for comment… Jeffrey and Paulo are my favorite authors. I love their writing style…

      I have read 4 novels of Jeffrey(check

      1. A Prisoner of Birth
      2. Paths of Glory
      3. Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less
      4. Shall We Tell the President?

      “A Prisoner of Birth” is master piece given by Jeffery. If you never read Jeffery then start with “A Prisoner of Birth”…

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