R’s Life – Best Day [Part 1]

Part 1 : Best Day
Part 2 : Anger, Peace and FriendShip
Part 3 : And He Proposed…


My friend R and I were sitting in CCD on last Sunday (i.e. 16 July). We were talking about last FIFA world cup, current political affair, burning issues in Shining India and staring girls too (I was feeling very sorry because there are lots of girls in lounge but not event single).

Since that morning, I was feeling that R is looking very happy than other day. Therefore, I thought, this is the perfect time to ask him about his happiness. I asked him, “Hey R, You look so happy today. I never seen you such happy before. Is there anything good news?” He smiled back to me and told me, “I am going to propose my girlfriend”. “You never told me that you have girlfriend,” I asked in surprised look. “Ohm, I didn’t tell you. Sorry friend, actually I met her when I was traveling from Aurangabad to Pune in last summer. She also from Pune itself (FYI- R is also from Pune). She is very sweet, cute, and intelligent and architect by profession.” R described his love story and view of his GF. “That’s cool. Go ahead man. However, where is …” and suddenly one sweet (read Hot and perfect curved!) girl entered in lounge and my tongue glued, I was staring her like a dumb. She was coming towards our table and I felt like my heartbeat is running very fast than usual. I was praying that “she would not be R’s girlfriend” but God decided something different.

She came to our table given big hug to R and small smile to me (Small smile was also beautiful). R introduced me to her and vice versa. She talked about her latest project somewhere near Akurdi, new movies, new English albums, new hairstyle and new places. Suddenly R stand-up on her side and proposed her. She little bit hesitated and saw anger look on him. Then in vivacious voice, she accepted his proposal. Everything happened in fraction of minutes. Then R called waiter for more coffee to celebrate his cheerful moment. (Additionally R agreed to leave smoking on his girl friend’s request and his girlfriend agreed to leave non-vegetarian food on R’s request as R is strict maharastrian Brahmin)

I thought that I have to leave that place and have to give space to both of them. Therefore, I stood and acted. “Hey R, sorry, but I just remember that I have to complete some paper work with my landlord. So I have to go”.  R stood and gave me hug in warm smile. I was about to leave and suddenly R’s girlfriend stood and gave me big hug and told me, “You know, Today is one of my best day ever and you are with me – best friend of R. I wish, till the evening you will free and we will go for dinner and then movie”. I will let you know my plan after 4:00. Till then enjoy yourself. “We love to see you in evening”, she replied. I left them with big smile.

In evening, I met them and went for dinner and then movie. I knew more about R’s girlfriend. After passing 4 hours of that evening with R and his girl, I was happy for R because he got such sweet and caring nature girlfriend.
R’s Life
Part 1 – Best Day
Part 2 – Anger, Peace and Friendship
Part 3 – And He Proposed…

[Note: All incident described in the story is fictitious and no relation with real incident and real human being.]
Creative Commons License
Short Story – Best Day by Ujval Shah is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 India License.

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12 Responses to R’s Life – Best Day [Part 1]

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  3. Subhan Zein says:

    Nice story, Ujval.. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  4. Kinjal says:

    Throughout the article, i thought you were narrating actual incident.. :X
    Was also wondering on a few sentances that when R is going to kill you..

    Well, good work! I would say it was captivating! Cheers!

  5. sagar says:

    Gud 1 ujju 🙂

  6. Kinjal says:

    “All incident described in the story is fictitious and no relation with real incident and real human being.”
    > To kem jika-jik kare chhe..

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