R’s Life – Anger, Peace and FriendShip [Part 2]

Part 1 : Best Day
Part 2 : Anger, Peace and FriendShip
Part 3 : And He Proposed…

Anger, Peace and friendship


One Friday at last year, I was running late and have to reach station within 30 minutes to catch Intercity Express. I just came out from my office building, crossed the road and reached to auto-rickshaw. I asked for station to Auto-Rickshaw driver and suddenly one girl came from nowhere and asked for station to same auto-rickshaw driver. “I haven’t any issue if you allow that girl for station. I will give you half rent. It will be good for me”, I told to auto-driver with gentle smile. “But I don’t want to share auto with anyone. I will give you double rent”, she told to driver.  “That’s terrific, I arrived here first and allowing you to share auto because there is no auto except this and you are here misusing my gentleness.” I said in anger plus irritation voice. “Madam, I will ride only this man because he came here before you”. “Thank God, auto-driver was not greedy” I thanked to God. He started auto and now she realized that there is no other auto and agreed to share auto and I allowed too. I sat in relax mode and try to see her from angle of my eye. . Fair skin, oval and attractive face, beautiful lips with shaded pink lipstick, straight hair and her height will not be more than 5’ 2’’. She was in blue kameez, white chudidar, blue sandal and white duppata with little embroidery on corner. In short, she is looking beautiful and I think she has enough reason to behave arrogantly.

“Sir, we are at station”, auto driver told me and diverted my mind from girl to reality. She and I went for our train. I went to station # 3 to pick-up Intercity Express and went for compartment number S2. I checked my seat number. It was S2, 37. One boy was seated on my seat with her girlfriend. I saw my ticket to him. “If you don’t mind, Can you seat opposite to this seat? Actually I am here to drop my fiancée. “, He asked me in gentle tone. “Sure” I replied with my as usual smile. I opened “Kafka on Shore” book from my bag, adjusted my bag under the seat and started reading the book. “Excuse me, this one is my seat” I heard cute voice but ignored. Still book is covering my face and I am already dipping inside the novel. “Excuse me, I am talking to you. That’s my seat. ”, again I heard same voice. I up my face from book. She saw me and so I too. “Ohh, so you are there. How can you seat on someone’s seat. You must have waitlist ticket or better I can say, you must have general ticket. Come on …Stand up…”she shouted on me with anger look. I looked at my seat and tried to control my anger. “Brother, you can seat now. I have to…”Boy stand-up. “Why are you giving him a seat? He must have general ticket”, she told to boy. “Madam, why are you shouting? This one is his seat. I am here to drop my fiancée so I requested him to seat there for some minutes. I am apologizing on behalf of him.” Boy said to that girl and left. I sat on my seat and try to see outside the window. “Sorry”, she said to me. “It’s okay”, I said. This is the first time our eyes met with each other. And again I moved to my novel.


[9:15 PM] Intercity express reached at Dadar Station. I stepped out from station and reached to “UDIPI” restaurant to satisfy my stomach. After completion of dinner, I went to platform # 5 to pick up “Gujarat Express”. Waited little bit and Clark announced that train will be on platform in 10 minutes. To spare my time, I opened “Kafka on Shore” and started reading it again. In 10 minutes, I heard people noise. Train is moving towards platform. I picked-up my bag and novel and started moving towards my coach S2 and set my bag under my seat. Coach is full of passengers and my compartment is full of courier person. I lay down on my seat and tried to concentrate on Novel and suddenly I hear one voice, “May I put my bag under your seat?” I up my head from novel. “Ohh not again”, she said in irritation voice. Again, she is in same coach. “I can prefer some other coach”, she said. “Oops…Mean she has not confirmed ticket”, I thought. “Excuse me; you can put your bag here. I don’t have any issue from start. Be cool.” I said with smile. She put her bag down to seat and now looked little bit relax. She sat opposite to me.  “Actually, today I am in little bit tense. Lots of work in company and did fight with manager and fear to miss the train and you met me in between this tension. I am Sorry again”. She explained in hesitate voice. “It’s okay. You don’t have to apologize and I am not expecting it too. ”. I said. “So where are you from?” she asked. “From Ahmedabad and you?” I answered and asked in reply. “Same… from Ahmedabad”, she replied. For 1 hour, she and I talked about our companies and college life. Now I am feeling sleepy. “Hey, I am feeling sleepy. If you don’t mind…” I open mouth to tell and she replied, “Yah its okay. You can sleep… It’s your birth. If you don’t mind, May I seat here tonight?” she asked again in hesitant voice. “Yah…Yah, you can seat here. And I offered my shawl too.” as I have seen that she has not shawl and I offered her because I have two.

[6:00 AM, Next Day Morning]. Reach to Ahmedabad. She already wake-up and ready to leave coach. She thanked me and gave my shawl back. “Hey, so you are going back to Pune on Sunday through Kolhapur Express. Right?” she asked me. “Yes” I replied, still trying to awake. “can you give me you number?” she asked me. I surprised, first time one girl asked me my cell number…  “So you have waiting ticket for return journey hmm?” I asked in mischievous voice and gave my number to her. “Nope.. I have confirm ticket..see you on Sunday evening” she noted my number and left the coach without sharing her number.


[7:30 PM, Next Day, Sunday Evening] I got call from some unknown number. I picked-up it. “Hey Ujval, How are you? Where are you right now?” I heard beautiful voice. “Who are you?” I asked. “I am Kshiti”, she replied. “Who Kshiti?” I questioned. “Come on…How can you forget me in 1 day. “ She replied. “Ohh, so your name is Kshiti.. Actually you left me without telling your name and number…so was confused. ..I am in S4, 22” I answered. “Okay… I will be there in some minutes. I am also in S4’ she replied. In some minutes, I have seen her in red dress. She looks so gorgeous. “Hi, how are you?” “I am fine and you?” I asked. “I am fine too”, she replied.  “You look so beautiful in this dress. Actually you were looking beautiful in blue dress too. “I said with smile. “I know Ujval” she replied. “How do you know my name? I never said to you”, I asked her. “I read it on ticket when you saw to TC at Friday” she replied. We talked lots on last weekend stuff, her favorite things, and my favorite things.

From that day, we become good friends. We meet at least once in a week and chit-chat.
R’s Life
Part 1 – Best Day
Part 2 – Anger, Peace and Friendship
Part 3 – And He Proposed…

[Note: All incident described in the story is fictitious and no relation with real incident and real human being.]

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Short Story – Anger, Peace and Friendship by Anger, Peace and Friendship is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 India License

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15 Responses to R’s Life – Anger, Peace and FriendShip [Part 2]

  1. hey Mr UJ am inspired a lot by your blogs :):):) keep blogging

    • shahujvaln says:

      Hi Dhirendra,

      Welcome to Ujval’s Lounge. I am feeling nice after reading that my blog inspired you. I hope, I will keep writing with same attitude and passion.

      Keep Visiting…


  2. I personally blog as well and I am crafting something similar to this specific blog post, “Rs Life
    – Anger, Peace and FriendShip [Part 2] | Ujval’s Lounge”. Do you really mind in the event Iemploy several of your own concepts? Regards ,Isaac

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  5. tarak says:

    laya laya bapu… 🙂

  6. Sara Swift says:

    It is very interesting for me to read this article. Thank you for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more soon.

    Sara Swift

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  9. Vijay says:

    It seems movie story rather than fiction but stillIi would say its interesting, specially your writing style.. good going dost…

  10. Ravi Bhatt says:

    Bhai bhai…. Tame to dil ne katari mari didhi.. Ne bhale ne duniya game teh keh k tame game teh ko.. Pan tame pan prem ma padya chho e vat pakki. Ane bhale tame koh aa kalpanik katha but tamara jivan ma kasek to aa chavayeli j che..

    Prabhu tamara prem par hamesha amee drishti rakhe…

    Jai jai….

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