Eye on Gujarat Election as a Gujarati


Municipal and Panchayat election is over in Gujarat. BJP won both election. Not only Hindu, but Muslim also voted BJP. The Big question is why?

As a Gujarati, I know why people of Gujarat voted to BJP. There are no. of points effected to Gujarat elections as below:

1. People didn’t vote to BJP  but voted to Narendra Modi. Before 2001, BJP was in Gujarat  but in terms of development, Gujarat were very back compare to other states. But after 2001, Narendra Modi came to power and has changed everything. People can see progress at every place or we can say, people are feeling progress.

2. Congress and Other parties are not talking about development but always try to point out on Gujarat riot 2002 and so Narendra Modi. But they forget that indirectly they point to Gujarati People. 9 years have been passed to that incident but other party still stuck at 2002. While Gujarati Public and Narendra Modi forgot those black days and stepping ahead for development and progress but Congress and other parties always try to remind those days. Administration is perfect in Gujarat. People never seen such development before. If we have any problem related  to development in our area, just post problem to Narendra Modi’s site and problem will be get resolved in some days.

3. Congress, Other parties and some English news paper always mentioned that Gujarat is not safe but they never visited the state and so didn’t know the reality. In Gujarat, People (including Girls) can go anywhere in night without any fear. There are lots places in Gujarat where Hindu and Muslim do business together since 15 years (I am specifying 15 years because I know it since 15 years. It can be more than that). In some markets, Muslim shop owner and Hindu shop owner do business side by side and Riot didn’t effect their business. But Congress, Other parties and some English news paper can’t see except Riots in Gujarat.

4. Opposition says, “All development done in Gujarat by Central Government but Narendra Modi took all the benefit”. I don’t know, it is right or wrong but the thing is, Narendra Modi at least use those money for public benefit while other states are not using those money properly.

This all observation are completely based on view of my as a Gujarati. Here I am not saying Congress and Other parties didn’t do anything bad but If they want to stay in Gujarat Politic then they have to change their view about Gujarat. They have to make development as topic for next election.

!!!Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat!!!

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