Book Review : Faking it


Sun rise at horizon on first day of 2011 year and I completed Faking it fiction novel written by Amrita Chowdhury. When I had seen this novel, I thought that it would be another fiction novel based on love story (no offence against love story written by IITan but I like classic romantic story) but my assumption was wrong.

I love the concept , Art Crime , of novel. Though there are lots of fiction novel written on same concept but still I feel, this book is different compare to other books.

Tara Malhotra, the protagonist, is newly returned Indian who quite her job as a finance expert and follow her husband from State to Mumbai. Because of this forceful movement, she is hating him every minute.  She decides to bring some excitement in her new, bejeweled, empty, high-society life by indulging her taste for Contemporary Indian Art through her own Art Gallery but for that, she needs to have that perfect piece of art in her personal collection to impress her social peers. So when the charismatic Jordan Roy tells her about recently stumbled-upon work by legendary artist Amrita Sher-Gil, she sets her art and her life time saving to acquire the master piece. Later she realized that the master piece is Fake and Jordan has cheated her. So she decides to fight back for Art Gallery and for her life time saving. The second part of the novel is a chase around town to nab the forgers, and eventually, to trap the kingpin behind this multi-million dollar racket.

Rich content and Amazing flow of story realized that Author has good knowledge of Contemporary Indian Art. She mentioned about lot of Artists – staying in Baroda, Kolkatta, Mumbai, and their work style in detail.

I am giving 3.5/5 to this book. Buy it and read it – You will not dissatisfy.

Book Details:

Faking it

Faking it

Name: Faking it

Author: Amrita Ch0wdhury

Language: English

Genre: Novel

Buy: FlipKart

!!! Enjoy Reading !!!

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One Response to Book Review : Faking it

  1. sayedkhadri says:

    Seems interesting .. will pick it up!
    Thanks for the review!

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