Book Review : The Seven Minutes – Novel about Novel


Yes, The Seven Minutes written by Irving Wallace is a novel about a novel,”The Seven Minutes – J J Jadway”, one of the most banned and obscene book of all Times.

Novel starts with bookshop owner named Ben Fremont, arrest for selling a copy of “the most obscene piece of pornography ever written”. This book, notorious work, is titled “The Seven Minutes” – J J Jadway and telling a woman’s thoughts during seven minutes of sexual intercourse – is condemned   not only for obscenity, but for having driven a respectable college boy named Jerry Griffith to brutal rape and murder.

To get political benefit, District Attorney Elmo Duncan and Wealthy business man Luther Yerkes make a plan and linked Jerry Griffith rape case with banned book publish case. While on other side, Phillip Sanford- Publisher of Sanford House- considers the book to be a masterpiece and not a cheap work of pornography and to save the master piece, he summons his old friend – Michael Barrett – to lead his case in court.

Overnight, the trial becomes a battleground where censors and anti-censors meet in open combat. The protagonist, defense lawyer, – Michael Barrett- is struggle to save the book, the trial and his own future. There is a lot of legal drama, arguments from prosecution and defense side, different kind of witness and their perception about book. As per prosecution, “The Seven Minute” is immoral, filthy and very dangerous to society while on other side as per defense, the book is master piece and literature art not made for monetary purpose but with social importance.  Lots of unforgettable characters are caught up in this dramatic conflict over sexual freedom, perversion, nudity, obscenity and human right.

This novel became inspiration source for lots of author and film maker including “Eleven Minutes” written by Paulo Coelho.  Book is written very well and sticks you till the End.

Checkout some quotes from the book (Actually this time, I haven’t got chance to gather quotes from book, but I will post quotes later on someday).

  • To be one’s self, and unafraid whether right or wrong, is more admirable than the easy cowardice of surrender to conformity.
  • If you talk about it, you probably won’t write it
  • The laws knows only what is has seen and heard.
  • The guy up there has a certain quota of miracles for each children and I’m afraid mine has been used up.

I am giving 3/5 to this book.

About Book:

The Seven Minutes

The Seven Minutes

Name: The Seven Minutes

Author: Irving Wallace

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

Buy: Flipkart, Amazon

!!! Enjoy Reading !!!

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