R’s Life – And He Proposed…. [Part 3]

[Date: 24 February 2011, 1:00 AM] My cell was ringing. R was calling me. I picked up the call. “Whoa whoa, I have news for you man”, his spoke in vivacious voice.  I was still very much sleepy.  “Hey R, its 1:00 AM. Can’t we talk in morning?”. “We are talking in morning”, again he speaks with laugh. “Hey man, I am talking about morning 8:00”. “No, I can’t wait…. Wake Up man… You know, I proposed Kshiti”, He is still in celebration mood.

“OOPS…. What are you talking??? I hope, you are not drunk…I don’t believe you man” I wake up in astonishment.

I know that… want to know full story? Come to Chandani Chowk… Will tell you whole story with ship of coffee…

“Okay.. Okay… I am coming… I’ll be there in 15 minutes”.

[Date: 10 December 2010, Evening 8:00 PM, Occasion: R’s birthday] We were together at Bamboo House restaurant.   We includes R, Devika, Devang (R’s friends), Kshiti and Myself. I had invited Kshiti on behalf of R on special request of him. He saw Kshiti’s snap in my FB and he likes her too much and so insisted me to call her on his birthday.So that was the day, R and Kshiti met each other first time.

[Date: 24 February 2011, 1:20 AM] When I reached to coffee house, I was little bit surprised to see R, Kshiti, Devang and Devika. I gave smile to all of them and took nearer place to R.

R is dress in his favorite white shirt and black trouser. Kshiti is looking too beautiful (again in red dress) and unable to hide her happiness. I can see it on her face which confirms me that R proposed her and she accepted it. Devang-Devika , cute couple, looks like sleepy as me. I think, R called them also to share his news.

“Sorry Devang-Devika, I called you on this time. Then looked at me, I will not say sorry to you man, you are still bachelor and it’s your responsibility to come down whenever I call you and then laughed in his usual style (I hate his laughing style)”.  That was the welcome speech by R.

“One minute, let me order coffee for all of us”, I said to R.

“Hey Man, I have ordered it for all of you guys.”

“Ohh… For whom you are waiting? We are together here to hear your story… “, Devika said in mischievous voice.

Hmmm… let’s start with my thoughts… As all of you know, I had and have soft feeling towards Kshiti… Earlier I thought to propose her on Valentine Day, 14th February and I haven’t that much strength to call her and express my feelings. On that day, I tried to call her almost 30 times and every time after first ring I cut down the call.  Though she has my cell number in her contact list, she didn’t call back. You know girls. They rarely express their feeling at first place but I was not that much mature to understand it. On 14th February night, I thought that she is not interested in me and that’s the reason she didn’t call back.

I was thinking same till yesterday noon when my female colleague told me about his boyfriend, “I never understand, why boys hesitate to propose his loved once while they know that girls never express her feelings at first place”. “Because boys unable to understand mind of his loved once and don’t want to hurt her through expressing the feelings” , I replied her back. “But they hurt more when they are not expressing the feelings”. I was speechless because I was in same situation.

But I took that conversation positively and thought that, “May be same thing happened with Kshiti. She might be expecting start from my side”. So I called her and invited for dinner at Bamboo House and said that I will pick-up you from your house and she agreed too. I thought, that is positive sign for me. At least she agreed to come with me for dinner.  So, I reached at her home around 8:00 PM with red flower bouquet and drive her to Bamboo House. We took dinner but still I hadn’t strength to propose her. After dinner, I dropped her to her home without saying single word.

R stopped to drink water and at the same time we got our coffee. R looked at Kshiti and started again with big smile.

It was 11:00 PM. I reached at my home with little bit nervousness. I was thinking about my foolishness. I had good chance to propose her and I missed it. I tried to sleep but I was lost in her thought. And finally after 30 minutes of struggle, I have decided something and started my bike and reached to her house. She was about to sleep when I ringed on her home and she was at doorstep.

She told me, “Are you alright, R?”

“Hey Kshiti, I want to say something. When I saw you first time on FB, I liked you. When you met me first time on my birth day, I have seen you and my eyes were glued on your face. I fall in love to your eyes, your cuteness, your innocence, your simplicity. Every night from that day, I have seen you in my dream.  In every dream, you are with me and holding my hands and walking on beach besides me. From that day, my every dream starts with you and ends with you. But now it’s too much. I want you in real not in dream. I want to hold your hand and walk with you on beach. Not only beach, I want to hold your hands forever. I want to share my happiness with you. Will you hold my hands forever? “

She was stunned and still looking at me with her innocent face. I was standing there was just hearing every beats of my heart.

“Why you waited so long to say all those words???  It’s YES from me. I love you too”, She said and that was the most cheerful moment of my life.

“Whoa.. Whoa.. it’s really cheerful moment”, I said to Kshiti and R.

“And that’s the reason R and I have decided to call you to share this moment”, Kshiti said at last.

“Kshiti, I am very happy for you because you got most intelligent, modest, simplest, kind person for your life”, I said.

[Date: 24 February 2011, 2:30 AM] We planned for dinner party and left for some hours.

[Note: All incident described in the story is fictitious and no relation with real incident and real human being.]

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And He Proposed…. by Ujval Shah is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 India License.

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4 Responses to R’s Life – And He Proposed…. [Part 3]

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  3. Ravi says:

    Lala, aa kya k to tamara sathe jodayeli nathi ne? tame mano ke na mano.. prabhu coffe house to tamari darek vaarta ma hoy che..

    but sachu kau to.. raja mgai taamari vaarta.. vanchvani maja avi.. avu j saras lakhata raho..

    • shahujvaln says:

      Thanks Ravi for Good words….

      Aa mari varta nathi… aato mari kalpana chhe… ane aapane coffee bahu bhave etle coffee house hoy chhe aapni varta ma.. 🙂

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