Håkon Wium Lie – Inventor of CSS


CrazyEngineers (CE) is one of my favorite site because it provides a common platform to engineers around the world. Through CE’s online forums they can exchange ideas, views, share knowledge, innovate and help each other. You can take a look at the discussions on CrazyEngineers forums.

Best part of CE is that they do SmallTalk with best Engineers and their implemented idea, motivation and lots of other stuff. Recently I read SmallTalk with CSS Inventor, Håkon Wium Lie on CE.

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About Håkon Wium Lie on Opera – Håkon Wium Lie Blog, Wikipedia

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4 Responses to Håkon Wium Lie – Inventor of CSS

  1. sayedkhadri says:

    Very nice article.. and nice theme.. 🙂

  2. Seema says:

    very informative Ujval – Thanks!

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