Book Review : Keep The Change

Hey All,

      I am back with book review. Since long time, I was reading Mein Kampf written by Hitler and completed it on last week but unfortunately I didn’t get time to write about it (and need some more time to collect more points). Very soon, I will let you know my view on Mein Kampf. In last week, I have also completed “Keep The Change” written by Nirupama Subramanian.

       The protagonist, B. Damayanthi, is from Chennai with uncoolness life along with dead-end job as an accountant in some account firm in Chennai. Her mother(amma) throws the bunch of unsuitable prospective husband to her and every time she rejects/avoid it. She has wild imagination of her Mr. Right and everyday she writes letter to Victoria. She grabs the chance when she get offer from First Global bank and move from her decrepit account firm (Chennai) to big international bank (Mumbai).

       Very soon, she is negotiation competitive corporate corridors and big city life. In first global bank, she meet cherub-faced Jimmy who becomes her best friend as well. She must impress CG who has low opinion for her. Conversion(s) between CG and Damayanthi are best part of the book. She has to battle with size-zero sophisticated flatmate Soniya Sood for TV remote. She has to choose raising and giving into temptation in the form of the seductive Rahul.Whenever she converse with anyone, her LV (low voice)  advice her but most of the time, she ignores low voice advice and try to show modesty in conversation.

Checkout some good lines from the book,

  • In the world of matrimonial, the males are always boys – even if they are toothless right-five with a brood of grandchildren. The women are girls who are very fair and very beautiful and always come from ‘High Status’ family [Pg 6].
  • In any group discussion, you will find four distinct types [Pg 134]:
  1. The Cynics: believes that the whole discussion is waste of time.
  2. The Critics: will vociferously launch into attacks on the system.
  3. Idealist: In minority but  believe that improvement can be made to the process.
  4. Bystanders: don’t really care one way or another
  • I think mothers have an in-built radar which sense that something is amiss with their children. [Pg 201]
  • There is no direct cause-and-effect relationship between events that happens in the world. Thing just happens and we try to rationalize them afterwards to make some sense of this random existence [Pg 329].

Though sometimes, you can feel repetitive work but still overall story is good, written in very simple English and enjoyable.

I am giving 2.5/5 to this book.

About Book:

Name: Keep The Change

Author: Nirupama Subramanian

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

Pages: 356

Buy: Flipkart

!!! Enjoy Reading !!!

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10 Responses to Book Review : Keep The Change

  1. Rohit Nanda says:

    An enjoyable read Keep The Change by Nirupama Subramania . loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and original, this book is going in by “to read” list.

  2. sayedkhadri says:

    Glad you are finally back with book reviews.. 🙂
    Great reviews dude.. thanks for sharing your views with us.

  3. Riddhi says:

    Well… In a one go I’ve read all the Chetan Bhagat Novels and enjoyed almost all of them.

    You seem like someone who would have already enjoyed Chetan Bhagat’s work, right?


    • shahujvaln says:

      Yah.. I loved Chetan Bhagat’s work, it’s actually refreshing and lots of new writers are following his footstep. When I started reading fiction before 4 years, most interest was in Romantic, lightweight fiction specifically written by Indian. Gradually I moved to different types of fiction and developed interest.

      I have read lots of book in these 4 years and till today, Paulo Coelho and Haruki Murakami are my most favorite foreign authors while Amish (read his The Immortal of Meluha) is my favorite Indian author.

      Paulo’s work always out of the box and little bit heavy too but I feel something charming in his writing. Just checkout Brida and Alchemist for initial start-up.

      Similarly Haruki Murakami is well-know for its “Kafka On The Shore”. It’s completely Page turner and will leave immense effect. “Kafka On The Shore” is in “1000 books you must have to read” list. I am suggest you, once you really want something extra-ordinary or want to feel freshness, read “Kafka On The Shore”. “Norwegian Wood” is also his good work.

      You can check below link to see view on books

      Enjoy Reading…

      • Riddhi Shah says:

        Hey Ujval,

        Thanks for suggestions…

        You are right Paulo’s work is little heavy, I’ve read The Alchemist and some how was not able to connect to the plot till the end!!!

        Currently reading one of the Classics, Emma…

  4. Thank you for a great post.

  5. Riddhi Shah says:

    Hi Ujval,

    Thanks for sharing your review on “Keep the Change”. I have suddenly developed a liking for fiction. From your review book seems my kind of fiction. Shall keep it in my list of interesting books to Savored.


    • shahujvaln says:

      Hi Riddhi,

      Thanks for comments… I feel good to hear that you started liking fiction. Just out of curiosity, what kind of fiction you like?

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