La Tomatina in India – Bangalore

Imagine hurling fresh ripe tomatoes at each other in an all out frenzy without any consequences!

Event Details
Date : 18th September, 2011,  11 AM Onwards
Venue : Emerald Greens, Palace Grounds, Bangalore

For More detail visit La Tomatina official site.

You can book Ticket from here. Hurry Up!!

!!! Rock On !!!

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62 Responses to La Tomatina in India – Bangalore

  1. Deepthi says:

    This fest has to be banned. Even though we are in rich country, we have lot of slums in our country.. pls feed those people who starve without money to survive. Pls if you guys are human you should not entertain such crap fest… Join hands to fight against such crap fest…

  2. 5.6 million children die of malnutrition every year in India. These people dont get food to eat.

    These bunch of ignorant fools want to throw food on one another while more die of starvation.

    Please have a sense of moral responsibility and stop this from happening. You are not acting wise

  3. Nandhini says:

    Where can I get the tickets? I plan on bringing all the cows in SanjayNagar, that feed on paper and trash!! I plan on bringing all those kids outside the construction sites, who dont have clothes to wear. I plan on bringing the poor , the hungry , so you morons, who have no other job, than to exploit your Dad’s money, can undertsand life!!

  4. john says:

    seriously….well,Spain can afford it…India can’t. Its a Royal waste of food !!.. Which could actually be used to feed those 5.6 million children who die of malnutrition every year….cmon yaar….be sensible….or more better be human….!!!!

  5. resource hacker says:

    Its nt just about tomatoes its all about peoples attitude, its nt like that there is scarcity of food There’s plenty to eat, but still millions people go hungry every night,Uneaten food represents wasted opportunities to feed million of hungry people worldwide, We can offer these initiatives our support And we can try to reduce our own waste at home by not buying more than we need,The world produces plenty of food to feed everyone. We just have to put it all to good use.No doubt, we probably waste more food than some countries have to eat.

  6. Amit says:

    Hey anyone need tickets for La Tomatino festival, mail me at ………all types of tickets are available guys, be it student, single (non-student), couple or vip tickets………drop me a mail, tickets will be handed over
    personally by me…….

  7. Tarun Verma says:

    Well for all those who are finding it amusing ….. in case u wanna exponentially increase the enjoyment, stage this craziness inside some slum area
    Hope the look on ppl’s faces there will help u realize what it means to a person who finds it hard to get 2 square meals in a day

  8. Dev says:

    Really…can’t you people just grow up and stop being overly pretentious and i-want-to-do-whatever-they-do fools. At least show some ingenuity in the ways you want to celebrate rather than blatantly copying whatever you think is “cool”.

  9. Mohan says:

    Please do not bring such practices which is not ours and waste the agri products.

  10. Indian by Heart says:

    WTF is the problem with you guys!!! Stop being overly philosophical please…

    If a close relative of someone dies does that person is supposed to cry over it for the rest of his/her life and along with him/her does the rest of the world continues to mourn all throughout???

    In this modern India where youngsters like you who support and practice live in relationships, spending on credit and chosing money over values… lets just stop being hypocrites please

    La Tomatina is an appreaciable attempt to kick start something which if sccessful can result in huge influx of Tourists from across the globe and will put India ahead on the tourist map of the travellers, which in turn would bring in foreign money in the economy… Not only that, why deprive those who would like to have a feel of a different culture and lifestyle…

    If the youth is really willing to help the country do good, raise your voice against corruption and corrupt people who are smacking the country into bits and pieces by smuggling our National Wealth into the Banks of Foreign Nations… That will trigger a real change not protesting against “La Tomatina” kinda events…

    Hope the wise is wise enough to read between the lines 😉

    Cheers to “La Tomatina”!!!

    • Siddhartha says:

      Super sad justification, funny you believe in it. Great job in convincing your conscience but : 1. It’s not a festival/occasion that is normally celebrated in our country, just a new step on the staircase to non-stop mindless fun. It’s got to be cool because it’s Spanish right? 2. We are wasting food directly. Not money that can be spent on food, but FOOD. Try explaining this to the next beggar you see at the traffic lights, or even your domestic help.

    • KarthiKeyan says:

      So, You got much money to celebrate? Will you use currency paper as toilet paper? What happened to you “Money Lovers”? You are already having plenty of celebrations every weekend. If you want to throw out money and call it as “New culture to enjoy or make a festival” Then , You dont deserve your money. thats the only thing I want to say.

      “Do not WASTE eatables”

      You know, Farmers are dying in this country.
      You know, Getting healthy water & food becomes a miracle for many slums?
      You know, Still millions of people working for Rs. 2000/mo salary?

      You got money bro.., Please get some good mind too.

      India already has too many attractions for travelers.

      I think, You people just want to pull girls on street and group them in the name of la tomatina?

  11. Varun Vaidya says:

    I don’t know the youngsters are getting excited to attend such festivals…
    Grow Up!!! What u hav done till now and wasting food(tomatoes)on enjoyment is a bull shit..
    U gt money spend on some tour,long weekend,shopping etc etc..atleast someone is getting money who has business related to it ..atleast u pay to some peoples who hav family..
    Here u are wasting food after watching some movies and heroes and heroine in small costumes exposing and hero showing there muscular bodies….
    GROW UP!!!…
    Thats all fascination…that all entertainment…
    And who is earning money….
    Only the sponsership!!!!!…
    First feel your responsibilty and then attend such functins…

  12. Amit says:

    Hey anyone need tickets for La Tomatino festival, mail me at………all types of tickets are available guys, be it student, single (non-student), couple or vip tickets………drop me a mail, tickets will be handed over personally by me…….

  13. Kamal says:

    Its my humble appeal to all who want to attend such a waste festival. Why not donate that money to the poors. By helping them you can get a true satisfaction

  14. nausheen says:

    Its a Royal waste of food & tomatoes that’s all.. Which could actually be used to feed those 5.6 million children who die of malnutrition every year .Help cancel this depiction of fake westernization.. Dont indulge in such unwanted acts……..Pleaseeeee!!

  15. Ramya says:

    I think this is a ridiculous event. I wonder why the Government is not objecting to this? Government talks about their goal being improving the peopllez lifestyle. they go around banning li stupid things like late night curfew and all and they r alllowing this ??? what happened to the moral police? they had the audacity to stop people from celebrating valentine’s day, when the bottomline of this day was expressiing onez love to other !! where are their morals when they allow this. People suporting this will realize how wrong this is only if they starve for a day !! Bangloreans please do something abt this and stop this!!!!!!!!!!

  16. vinodh kumar says:

    Find volume discounts for La Tomatina for this weekend exclusively on there are a lot of other attractive deals in Bangalore too.

  17. xyz says:

    One thing , why are we trying to be a copy cat always ????? Spain is developed country, has high Human development Index, has high living standards …. … what fun you get in throwing the same tomatoes and for how long??? As one of you said , Diwali is bagged by some past historical goodness for which we are celebrating it today ….. buying a luxorious car, arranging DJs , club parties is upto ones own wish,.. but this is something related to Public as a whole .. anyways celebrate, you will know the useless fun once done , atleast try to donate some money to child education of the poor !!

  18. Jaideep MS says:

    WTF, isnt there any other way to help the ones who grow Tomatoes other than organizing this fest…?
    Wow… What a irony… People open their hearts to waste resources.. and seal their pockets when they spot some one whoz hungry… and cant buy food…

  19. Rakshitha says:

    Shame on everyone who wish to take part in this stupid festival… one hand there are people who hardly get food and on the other hand there are people like you who pay no respect to food since it is available abundantly to them… I agree we can not stop everyone, but we still have to raise voice against issues like this… I am not against holding some concert or some other festivals… but throwing tomatoes do you think society can flourish this way? …we humans supposedly most intelligent specie on earth do this kind of act…

  20. swamy NK says:

    Is there any to get the tickets.. like spot cash kindaaaa…. plz tell me….

  21. Ashish says:

    Contact me for group tickets(discounts)… Hurry up…..we also have requests from more corporates…

  22. preeti ranjan jena says:

    i booked ticket for two couples but it is not getting processed.Can we collect hard ticket in advance.please inform and say the location where we should purchase.

  23. Chaitanya Kumar A says:

    I just checked the costs of “Stag” tickets. Planning to bring my complete team from my office. Is there any corporate discounts….If so, let me know. I checked the site completely and it was not mentioned any where. Waiting for your reply. So that, I can book the tickets.

    Also need to know the security measures will be present there…as there will be very large gathering on that day.

  24. akshay bhandari says:


    “Whenever you want to do something good it’s bound to draw criticism. Some of these people have created a page on Facebook opposing this festival just because they want to tell everybody that they are doing something. The petrol price is at an all-time high, has it stopped them from using vehicles, are they living in huts, none of them want to give up their luxury items.

    “Farmers from rural Karnataka spend their last rupee transporting their tomato harvests to metros such as Bangalore as quickly as possible, before they get spoiled. FCI warehouses, usually packed to capacity and often mismanaged, turn the farmers away at the gates. With no money to transport the rapidly spoiling harvest back home, the hapless farmers have no choice but to dump their crops, often by the roadside, and starve for the rest of the season along with their families. The maximum number of farmer suicides are over tomatoes. Still feel like hurling them around at a big happy party?” Facebook user Sandesh Shenoy argues, “Those who are protesting don’t realise that people are still going to stay hungry whether they have the fest or not. Also, since the organisers will be buying the tomatoes, the farmers will be the ones to benefit.”

    • Pakhi says:

      Let me answer your question.Lets start with high petrol prices.Petrol prices has hiked all over the world due to many reasons you must be knowing them.If people are buying luxury car they are not hurting anybody.why would you
      want anybody to live in huts with a luxury car.Then comes your next reasoning that has about farmers.I totally understand your point about they are going to benefit the farmers if they buy those rotten tomatoes from them,but have you given it a thought about big shot companies should buy the tomatoes before they are transported to the warehouses prepare food and donate it among the poor people.Everyone will be benefitted.Trust me this festival is not going to use rotten tomatoes.At the end everyone has there own views i respect yours too.

    • Deep says:

      Dear Akshay Bhandari,
      I couldn’t help myself from LMAO after reading your comment. I’ll dissect your comment into parts and i’ll give you necessary explanations to prove where you went wrong…

      No, i can’t think of any ‘good’ out of it. The organizers seemed to create an illusion of ‘good’ in 2 ways :-
      1) By telling that they are gonna use tomatoes which are not ROTTEN, not green, and not good for consumption. I really didn’t understand what that meant coz i think, any tomato which isn’t rotten or green, is good for consumption.
      2) By telling that they will ensure that a part of the earnings are donated to NGOs or foundations which feed the needy. I really doubt whether they are gonna do that coz the other day when a guy from NGO asked them for their support, they said they haven’t thought about it, On the other front, even if they donate some part of the money, it still doesn’t justify the event.
      Yes, we want to oppose the festival, and NO, we don’t want to tell everybody that we are doing something

      Yes, i agree that is some wastage of crop every year coz., of the lack of proper facilities in India, for transportation and storage. That’s a loss which we have to tolerate due to structural inefficiencies in distribution of crop, and i must say, Govt. is trying its best to improve the distributional framework by trying to devise better implementation mechanisms, and they are also planning for FDI in retail and Agriculture, which will make things more better. We agree that there is a loss due to institutional rigidities, but that can’t be used as a reason to make more loss.
      And, i don’t really believe your ‘rural-farmers-throwing-tomatoes-by-roadside-in-Bangalore’ story. In India, there is plenty of demand. The main reason for inflation is supply-side shortages.
      Petrol price may be high. And, we all bemoan and complain about it everyday. But i don’t really understand why you’ve brought this to support your argument. We don’t want to give up our luxury items, of course we are greedy, but that shouldn’t turn out to deviate us from enjoying responsibly. Our maxims aren’t meant to harm others. Read books by philosopher Immanuel Kant to understand what ‘moral good’ is.
      And finally, who ever this guy Sandesh Shenoy is, i think my explanations are well enough to argue his statement too.

      Never write in public forums before you think. Khuda Hafiz !

    • KarthiKeyan says:

      Mr. Economic Guru Akshay!!!!

      Buy from farmers & Give it to poors.. Simple..

      Will you ditch it WASTE? Who is stopping you to buy from farmers..

      Instead of wasting it… Try to give it to slums…

  25. hema says:

    hey is the passes only for entry or are there charges for shower , changin room n food ? n students must get there id card or any thing else ?

    • shahujvaln says:

      Hi Hema,

      If you are purchasing students ticket then carry Valid ID Card.
      Students Ticket Holders please carry their Valid ID Card
      Students Upto Graduate Level will be considere

      Get your Own Googles to the venue

      Other than that, everything will be provided on Venue.

  26. Rajesh Kapila says:

    can v carry tomatos or should v purcahse there itself???

  27. Rachel says:

    This is pointless.
    How can people be any more selfish?
    Millions of people are dying without food and all you can think of is hurling tomatoes at each other?
    It isn’t the same in Spain. They most certainly don’t have people dying due to hunger.
    All those attending this event, please give it another thought.
    It’s my sincere request to you guys.
    At first, i did find it interesting but once i actually sat down to think about it, i felt that it’s not the right way to have fun.

  28. Deepak says:

    The tickets here show only couples.!
    Arent Stags tickets gonna come?

  29. Homai says:

    Hi, heard about this festival. Very excited to attend this event, please inform me about the tickets and how to book them. Thanks……

  30. Ritika says: says age limit is 18. What does that mean?

    • shahujvaln says:

      Hi Ritika,

      I know, lots teenager will unhappy to hear that but I think, its necessary (ony age 18+ allow). There are some mature teenagers but not all and so its required.. What you think?

  31. mad@tomatina says:

    shame on everyone who wish to take part in this stupid festival… one one hand there are people who hardly get food and on the other hand there are people like you who pay no respect to food since it is available abundantly to them… f*** you all… you are the most disgusting people on earth…

    • shahujvaln says:

      Everyone have different view and perception on events. We celebrate lots of events like Diwali and Holi and we enjoy by crackers and colors respectively but again those creates environment issue.. Again some one spend thousands on crackers and instead of that, they can give food to poor. But our World is not perfect one and we have to accept it

      • mad@tomatina says:

        I know…but none of our festivals has the ritual of throwing food at each other… and by the way this festival from spain as well is facing some criticism in the recent events as the world is witnessing huge drough in africa where thousands have died because of hunger. Are we really that self-centred, selfish..all we think about is our happiness… we keep looking for reasons to celebrate….

        • shahujvaln says:


          You are right without any doubts but my point was everyone have their own view and behavior. We can’t stop everyone.

          • mad@tomatina says:

            I agree we can not stop everyone, but we still have to raise voice against issues like this… I am not against holding some concert or some other festivals… but throwing tomatoes (Do we always needs to be objective towards these event, do you think society can flourish this way? Is that what we want to teach our children)… I guess in this case I dont mind taking the step of stopping and supporting those who wants to stop this… you know what really upsets me… even animals dont throw food as they know the value of it… and we humans supposedly most intelligent specie on earth do this kind of act…

            • shahujvaln says:


              Hmmm, I can understand very well your view and why you are upset… but I am not taking anyone’s side. Thanks for being polite this time on reply.

    • Rakshitha says:

      I support n agree with this…/

  32. victor says:

    Is this event going to happen in Mumbai………..

  33. Roopa says:

    Are there group discounts? As we are having a veryyy big group to join in for this festival? Please provide the tickets info as soon as possible..Eagerly waiting for this event.

    • shahujvaln says:

      Hi Roopa,

      Everyone is waiting for this festival as this one is coolest festival :). La Tomatino group will publish ticket details very soon. Watch this space for update

  34. maria says:

    What is the entry fee and how can we book the tickets

  35. shahujvaln says:

    Hey Abhishek,

    Very soon, La Tomatina team will provide ticket information and booking details. You can track down it on

  36. Abhishek says:

    Where do i get the tickets from and can i have the full details of the event pls?

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