Book Review: The goat, the Sofa and Mr. Swami

Name: The goat, the Sofa and Mr.Swami
Author: R Chandrasekar
Genre: Fiction
Language: English
Pages: 296 (Paperback)
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My Rating:

The Pakistani PM’s sudden decision to invite himself to a cricket series to be played in India creates uncertainly, panic and bureaucratic gamesmanship in New Delhi. Seemingly above such mundane concerns, India’s elderly Prime Minister (Author call him OLD Man), devoted to movies, scotch, and late mornings, adds to the confusion with random utterances and occasional temper tantrums.

His official factotum, a bureaucrat – IAS officer named Swami, plays the confusion for all it is worth, attempting to advance his career and settle old scores. Old rivalries between the Foreign Service and the domestic bureaucrats flare up as the day of the Pakistani Premier’s visit approaches. Matters get stalled as rival departments choose to hide behind arcane laws.

Conscious of his place in history and of the damage a botched visit would cause, the Prime Minister stages his own protests. Swami is forced to chart a treacherous course between his political and bureaucratic masters…

A parable rooted in the absurdities of modern India, this novel takes a light-hearted dig at the pretensions of people who matter. Story is something call “new” and never heard of “inside bureaucracy”. Personally I liked Swami’s character. R Chandrasekar written very well in his very first novel.

About Author:

Source [Wiki]: R. Chandrasekhar was born in Madras and studied at Mayo College, Vivekananda College Madras, the Delhi School of Economics and the University of Chicago. He has researched and priced commodities and derivatives, traded bonds, managed portfolios, taught, and run a financial research center. Chandrasekar lives with his family in the city formerly known as Madras.

Enjoy Reading !!!

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