Book Review: Losing my Virginity and other Dumb Ideas

Name: Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas
Author: Madhuri Benerjee
Genre: Fiction
Language: English
Pages: 234 (Paperback)
Buy: Flipkart, Amazon

Started: 16th March, 2012
Completed: 21st March, 2012
Total Reading Hour: 11-12 Hrs

Beautiful and Catchy Cover Page… and truly speaking, that’s the reason I picked-up the book. Initially, I thought this book would be just another book, says about young college girl and boy and their love-sex story without any humour. I keep that thought in my mind and started reading the book without expectation. I turned over few pages and didn’t find interesting but still continue my reading with some hope. After 40-50 pages, interesting story get started and I enjoyed the book till last page.

This is a story about protagonist, Kaveri,  thirty aged single girl who knows seven languages. This is a story about her single friend Aditi but completely different from Kaveri. Kaveri read almost all books about men. Yet, she hasn’t been able to find his “The One Great Love” and worried about her still virginity phase. On another side, Aditi is much more experienced in the matter of Love and Sex.

On thirtieth birthday, Kaveri makes resolution – love or no love, she is going to lose her virginity with help of her best friend Aditi but Life has other plans. It looks like book only says about Sex but its more about freedom, compromise, love fights, broken dates, sexual encounters, lots of assignment, Reality Show and many more like where to draw a line. One should never confuse between love, relationships and sex. Losing love after all the compromises makes the situation so much more badly than it might already be. Having a hold on oneself and believing are two things which are very much rooted in the book.

This book is not kind of great love story or great fiction but still you can read it in free time and enjoy it.

About Author:

[Source: is the director of a creative production house that can do almost anything in the media from making brochures to producing TV shows. She is a complete media professional, having worked in all forms of the visual medium—TV, advertisements, documentaries. She has worked as a senior assistant director for some popular film-makers.

Madhuri has an MA in Communication and Films from Jamia Millia Islamia—her thesis film, Between Dualities, won her the National Award for best documentary on women’s issues in 1999. Besides media, she is passionate about traveling, yoga and reading. She is currently working n commercial film scripts and her next book. She is active on Twitter, Facebook and writes a blog.

Author’s Blog:

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