Book Review : The Lost Story

Name: The Lost Story
Author: Amit Goyal, Sudhanshu Gupta
Genre: Fiction
Language: English
Pages: 263 (Paperback)
Movies: –
Buy: Flipkart
My Rating:

Started: 15th April, 2012
Completed: 17th April, 2012
Total Reading Hour: 08-10 Hrs

“Brilliant…. Fascinating… Surreal”

If you have read review of other books on my blog, then you would know that I always complain about “Starting of Story” and” how new generation Indian Authors lacking in that skill”. As I believe, If starting is weak, most of reader put the book aside or left the book at some point. After long time (After The White Tiger and The Immortal of Meluha), I got such book which has beautiful (or perfect) starting as well as fascinating ending. Somehow, I feel effect of one of my favorite author Haruki Murakami‘s work in “The Lost Story”.

The authors, Amit Goyal and Sudhanshu Gupta, have adopted a unique style of writing where one author writing one half of the story and the second author finishing it without discussing the story in between.  Not only they adopted unique style but they push the envelope of creativity, by creating two protagonists author, Sandeep and Saleem, mirrored their technique of writing within the stories of story and I think, it gives delectable twist.

The Lost Story – A delicious assortment of intelligent short stories unfolding against the back drop of ever lurking darkness, that threatens to engulf the two story tellers, Sandeep and Saleem, at any given moment. The Lost Story is story about aspiring author Sandeep Gupta and his idol author Saleem Afzal– who left writing since last 23 years. Sandeep sends his first script to Saleem for review. After reading the script, Saleem calls Sandeep and decided to work with him on his last book which will be a collection of short story.  Each story belongs to a different genre ranging from fantasy to romance to thriller amongst many others.

Some good lines from the book:

  • It’s better to be late than never.
  • If you focus on your mind on something, and want desperately for it to happen, then sometimes the mind materializes it for you.
  • Being treated as inferiors can either destroy your morale or drive you to do better.
  • You can always change their fate with a stroke of your pen.
  • Fear is not good for storytelling
  • Noone can escape gravity… sooner or later everyone, everyone must fall..
  • Life isn’t something that is entirely in your control.
  • Once you’re furniture, you start noticing small things about other piece of furniture.

This is the first book by Amit Goyal and Sudhanshu Gupta and I must say, I am really impressed by their writing. They tried something new and wrote this book intelligently.

It’s well worth reading. Go, Buy and Read.

Special Note: Very much thanks to Author Amit Goyal for sharing the book and giving me an opportunity to review the book.

About Author:

Amit Goyal (Right side in chex shirt) is an engineer from Jamia Millia Islamia and holds a dual MBA degree from MDI Gurgaon and ESCP-EAP, Paris. He is an avid gamer and also reviews games for the largest gaming online community in india and magazines. He has a keen interest in movies, books and graphic novel. He currently works for conglomerate in Delhi.

Sudhanshu Gupta is a graduate from St.Stephen’s College, New Delhi and holds an MBA from MDI Gurgaon. He is an avid gamer and has a keen interest in reading and music. He has worked for a soft-drinks company, a hard-drinks company and currently handles the sales of IT hardware in a retail firm.

Enjoy Reading !!!

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