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Every day morning, when I access my laptop for first time, I check state of my blog and feel happy for more 15-20 hits (small blog with typical book review content, you know 🙂 ). Next to state check, I go through ratings followed by comments (and mostly I find spam comments 😦 ). I improved my blog in many ways after very first post which added some more hits in my pocket. Every Sunday, I think that I will write everyday with some extra-ordinary content and every Saturday, I end-up with same typical book review (Writer’s Block, who knows??) or some time end-up with no more post (because writing involves pain?) or some time spending more time on watching Likes/Comments on my Facebook updates/photos instead of doing some fruit-full (and I know, there will be no more likes and still wait and then hate “Like” as others :)). But I do one thing every day and it becomes like part of my life. Read novel, others’ view on that novel and Freshly Pressed blogs and all these three excites me to write book review asap on its completion. This time, I’ve completed Twilight Eclipse written by Stephenie Meyer.

Name: Eclipse
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Genre: Fiction
Language: English
Pages: 559 (Paperback)
Movies: Twilight Saga – Eclipse
Preceded By: New Moon
Followed By: Breaking Dawn
Buy: Flipkart, Amazon
My Rating:

Started: 1st May, 2012
Completed: 7th May, 2012
Total Reading Hour: 30-34 Hrs

Story Behind Cover (source=”Wiki”): The book cover features a torn red ribbon. The broken ribbon represents choice, as in the book Bella must choose between her love for the vampire Edward Cullen and her friendship with the werewolf Jacob Black. Meyer also stated that the ribbon represents the idea that Bella is unable to completely break away from her human life.

I like this book for some strong reasons: Conversation, Self-thinking. I observed that, we lost art of conversation (and agree with Journalist Caitlin Kelly who written blog on same topic) but Meyer covered art of conversation very well. Conversation between Bella and Jacob – a friendly conversation, Conversation between Bella and Edward – a romantic conversation, Conversation between Edward and Jacob – a healthy conversation, conversation between Bella and Alice – a transparent conversation, conversation between Bella and Charlie – a family or protective conversation. Conversation – What a thoughtful process. It might be in right direction or in wrong direction. It might be truth or lie or manipulated but always give heads-up, give new directions, resolves many issues rather than creating new one (if its healthy one), shorter distance between 2 rather than expanding the distance.

Not only conversation, Self-thinking gives new freedom to thoughts, expands imagination, gives clear idea about someone, gives clear idea about “what is right” and “what is wrong”, gives opportunity to understand someone, gives opportunity to make right which is wrong or convert wrong to right in some ways, gives chance for self-control, provides opportunities to understand others’ feelings. Meyer depicted all characteristic of Self-thinking amazingly of course through Bella which makes Bella’s character more fascinating. It always difficult to characterized someone who is good in self-thinking (or say always talk with himself/herself), right? Kudos to Stephenie Meyer. Not only characterized, playing same character in movie is also difficult part and Kristen Stewart did amazing job. Kudos to  Kristen Stewart.

Apart from Bella, Meyer improved some more characters like Edward, Jacob, Alice, Jasper, Billy and Charlie. I loved Alice and Jasper very much in this book. Alice character always attracted me because of her simplicity. She is charming, mature with fun loving nature and always dancing when she wants to do something different with Bella  when she knows, Bella is going to freak out :). Ashley Greene portrayed Alice character perfectly in movie with no doubt.

When you read book, you can feel selfishness of Jacob. Indeed his selfishness is right as everything is fair in Love. Bella loves Jacob but she loves Edward more than Bella but cannot see Jacob in trouble as she cannot see Edward in trouble. Edward is still cool and more mature . Edward and Jacob both love Bella but their style is different. One (Jacob) want his Love anyway (but not parting Bella) while Other (Edward) gives freedom to Bella to choose among him and Jacob. As per Bella, Edward is unselfish while as per Jacob, he is manipulative.  Meyer written story such a way that you can imagine what Bella and Jacob are thinking but I think, she shown Edward always through Bella’s eye or Jacob’s eye, so reader cannot decide whether Edward is really unselfish or manipulative(but still I feel, this book is worth of 5 ratings).

The story opens with the revelation that Seattle, Washington is being plagued by a string of murders, which Edward suspects is caused by a new born vampire that is unable to control their thirst. As Edward and Bella apply to colleges, Bella explains to Edward her desire to see Jacob Black – a werewolf. Although Edward fears for her safety, Bella insists that neither Jacob nor his wolf pack would ever harm her and she begins visiting him occasionally. On one of these visits, Jacob tells Bella that he is in love with her and wants her to choose him instead of Edward, but Bella says she just sees him as a friend. To that, Jacob forcibly kisses her and she reacts by punching him in the face, breaking her hand while not even leaving a scratch on him.

Meanwhile, Alice Cullen has a vision that Victoria, a vampire who is hunting Bella for revenge, has returned to Forks. A few days later, Edward proposes to Bella and, despite harboring an aversion to marriage and she accepts. Bella and the Cullens soon realize that the Seattle murders are being committed by an “army” of newborn vampires controlled by Victoria. The Cullens join forces with the wolf pack to combat this threat. As everyone else prepares for battle, Edward, Bella and Jacob camp in the mountains, hidden during the battle, where they are later joined by Seth Clearwater – a young wolf pack member – to wait out the fight.

In the morning, Jacob becomes upset when he overhears Edward and Bella discussing their engagement and threatens to join the fight and get himself killed. Bella stops Jacob by kissing him, and she comes to realize that she is in love with him as well. During the battle, Victoria tracks Edward’s scent to Bella’s forest hiding place, and Edward is forced to fight. Edward manages to kill Victoria and her vampire army is destroyed. Afterwards, Bella explains to Jacob that while she loves him, her love for Edward is greater.

Some quotes from Book:

  • I am Switzerland. I refuse to be affected by territorial disputes between mythical creatures.
  • The clouds I can handle. But I can’t fight with an eclipse.
  • I promise to love you forever – every single day of forever.
  • I’m gonna fight for you, until your heart stops beating.
  • I coveted you. I had no right to want you–but I reached out and took you anyway. And now look what’s become of you! Trying to seduce a vampire.
  • You held out your hand, and I took it without stopping to make sense of what I was doing. For the first time in almost a century, I felt hope.
  • It’s something about the inevitability. How nothing can keep them apart–not her selfishness, or his evil, or even death, in the end…their love is their only redeeming quality.
  • You are safe inside your mind. No one can reach you there.
  • There are no rules that can bind you when you find your other half.

You can read more quotes here and here.

It’s well worth reading. Don’t Miss, Get it and read it.

About Author: [Official Site] [Biography] [Facebook]

Source [Wiki]: Stephenie Meyer is an American children’s author known for her vampire romance series Twilight.Meyer was ranked #49 on Time magazine’s list of the “100 Most Influential People in 2008″, and was included in the Forbes Celebrity 100 list of the world’s most powerful celebrities in 2009, entering at #26. Her annual earnings exceeded $50 million. In 2010, Forbes ranked her as the #59 most powerful celebrity with annual earnings of $40 million.

Enjoy Reading !!!

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