Book Review : Life is What You Make it

Name: Life is What You Make it
Author: Preeti Shenoy
Genre: Fiction
Language: English
Pages: 202 (Paperback)
Buy: Flipkart, Amazon
My Rating:

Started: 10th May, 2012
Completed: 13th May, 2012
Total Reading Hour: 8-10 Hrs

What would you do if destiny twisted the road you took? What if it threw you to a place you did not want to go? Would you fight, would you run or would you accept?

“Life is What You Make it” is a story few significant years of Protagonist -Ankita’s life, set across 2 cities in India in 80’s and divided in 2 parts:
I. Love Story
II. Illness Story

I. Love Story
She moved from Delhi to Cochin after her school due to her father’s job location change and joined St.Agnes girl college. Meanwhile, She misses her best friend Vaibhav, who is in Delhi and communicating with him through long letters (remember 80’s). Ankita is young, good looking, smart and which makes her General Secretary of Arts in her college. In Annual Culture Festival, She meets Abhi and both becomes friends. Gradually Abhi falls in Love with Ankita but for further study, Ankita denied to keep in touch with him and moved to Mumbai for MBA along with her family.

II. Illness Story
She is good ranker, very much aggressive in her MBA but gradually she becomes patient with Bipolar Disorder and admitted to Mental Health Hospital.

Author dared to pick-up mental disease subject while writing fiction is respectable but failed to maintain continuity between 2 parts (Love and Illness). Story says, “How Ankita feels about Vaibhav, Abhi, Other friends and college” but failed to communicate with reader due to lacking of depth.  It looks like, Story is about “What they are talking”, not on “What they are thinking or feeling”.

Personally, I didn’t like first part of book but later part is good. This book is not for all. If you like reading some heavy subject then pick-up this book.

About Author: [Official Site] [Facebook] [Blog]

Source [Wiki]: Author started developing her writing skills since an early age, but only considered becoming a professional writer after she created herself a blog in October 2006. The number of page hits on her blog increased day by day, and readers throughout the world suggested her that she should consider publishing her texts.In 2007 she wrote a couple of art icles for MetroScan, a local magazine, and in the beginning of 2008 she was invited to start contributing regularly to the newspaper Times of India. On this same year she wrote articles for Reader’s Digest “Joy”, and had her articles republished in various other Indian newspapers and magazines. Encouraged by the favorable reception of her first publications, she decided it was time to dedicate to a larger project, and began writing her first book, a collection of narratives based on real life incidents, some of which had been previously posted on her blog in a shorter form. It was launched in October 2008. Her second book, a fictional novel about an Indian girl named Ankita Sharma, was published in January 2011. Her plans are to become a full time writer.

Enjoy Reading !!!

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3 Responses to Book Review : Life is What You Make it

  1. Jackson says:

    Life is life
    You cannot make it
    You can, definitely, “work” on it to build a wonderful world
    The rest is a constructivy world

    Be happyyyy

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