Radiators, Drains and Time

Hey All,

Don’t worry, I am not going to discuss technical topic here 🙂 . So you must be thinking, What Radiator and Drains are doing here? are they related to Time, right?

OK, Let’s go with some explanation. Here I am 28, single and finding Bride for me. Irony of Life is, If you don’t have money, People ask for money, home,  vehicle, job  and salary but If you have good job with high salary, owning home then People always come up with some more requirements but requirement never ends and you stuck with options. Right?

Not only marriage, most of us pass life with such kind of requirements (or needs?) and options (or adjustments?) whether its study, job, family, friends, love, marriage, traveling and many more {Cool thing is, gradually we always fall in love with adjustment}. Most of the time, you end up with “Radiators” or “Drains” to seek some kind of advice 🙂 .

Radiator are a people who fill you with energy while Drains, on other hand, leaving you feeling down. You feel happy to see or talking to Radiator while You feel drained out after talking to Drains.

Radiator can be or cannot be family, friend, love, neighbor, colleague or any unknown person. Same applies to Drains but generally Radiators never be Drains and vice-verse. In my case, my family, my biology teacher (and idol) and my best friends whose name starts with “P” and “D”. I always ready to talk my radiators and always feels good after talking to them.

One of my friend asked me once, “What if your Radiator becomes Drains?“. Good Question. I think, its depend on context and how you think on that specific context like I asked for something unusual to my Radiator friend and reply drained out me but Time Heals Everything. Sometime it takes 1 min or 1 day or some months as well but always sort out issue in such situation as fast as possible before your Radiator becomes your permanent Drains because Radiators are very important in life.

So What You Say?

– Uj.


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