Book Review : Love Over Coffee


On 3rd July, I got notification from Coco’s Blog (as I am hard-core follower of her blog, If you haven’t visited her blog then visit it once. You will love her writing) which was saying, “Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.” and coincidentally I picked-up the book “Love Over Coffee” written by Indian Author Amrit N. Shetty and as per excerpt, this book is somehow focusing on “Too Much Care”.

Name: Love Over Coffee
Author: Amrit N. Shetty
Genre: Fiction
Language: English
Pages: 246 (Paperback)
Buy: Flipkart, Amazon
My Rating:

Started: 03th July, 2012
Completed: 10th July, 2012
Total Reading Hour: 07-08 Hrs

Cover: I liked book cover as it creates love symbol using 2 coffee cups which suit with book title.

Anup, a happy-go-lucky boy next door, finds himself a misfit in an IT company. On the bright side, he has great friends in office—Chetan, Subbu and Parag—to help him out of sticky situations. Also, in the same office is the love of his life, Rajni. But Rajni’s strict family and her paranoia of tongue-wagging colleagues play villain in their love story forcing him to be satisfied with clandestine meetings, secret phone conversations and emails. Just as Anup decides to turn over a new leaf, sinister happenings at work force him to take some life-changing decisions—to quit his job and pursue his long-cherished dream of becoming a writer; and also, to marry Rajni.

I started reading this book with assumption of love story but this book focusing more on “How IT industry works” rather than “Love Over Coffee”. This is story about “How IT company manages employee” or “How manager plays game/politics against junior resource” or “How employee works in IT company”. Addition to that, Author didn’t mention time-line of story or name of IT company and used lots of technical jargon which reduce interest in novel. Though, Author tried well in his first novel.

If you don’t have anything on hand and want to read something to spend time, the you can go for this book.

About Author: [Official Site]

Amrit N. Shetty is an IT professional working with a multinational company. He has worked with various IT companies including ones in Austin, Dublin and Edinburgh. Besides writing, Amrit enjoys reading and watching movies. Love Over Coffee is his debut novel. He lives in Delhi with his wife.

Enjoy Reading !!!

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4 Responses to Book Review : Love Over Coffee

  1. Vartikaforu says:

    Very true.. Currently I am reading this book and my reviews are similar

    • Uj says:

      Hi Vartika,

      Thanks for visiting “Ujval’s Lounge”. Nice to know that other readers are feeling same. I have visited your blog and it’s really beautiful.

      Keep Visiting and Keep writing 🙂

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