25 facts (out of some 100) about me

Hey All,

Do you want to know about me? Here are 25 facts (out of some 100 facts) about me.

  1. I was born and brought up in Ahmedabad, completed graduation in Rajkot and working in Pune as Software Engineer.
  2. I love coffee so much specifically caffè latte. My love extended to Thums-up also. If you want me to stay awake for full night then give me bottle of Thums-up or give coffee on every hour.
  3. When talk about food, I love Pav Bhaji, Pizza and Chinese. Whenever I am travelling, I mostly prefer Pav Bhaji over other food.
  4. Being exceptional Gujarati, I don’t love sweet except Kaju Katli and Gajar ka Halwa.
  5. Since 2009, I have become addicted of WordPress. My addiction towards WordPress is higher than addiction towards Facebook or any other social networking sites. Usually my day starts with WordPress and ends with WordPress.
  6. Since my childhood, I love reading – Specifically fiction and technical. Haruki Murakami is my favourite author. “Kafka on the Shore”, “Saraswatichandra” and “Founders at Work” are my favourite books till the date.
  7. How can you forget family and friends? I love my family and friends so much. I can do anything for them. They can call me/ping me/ bug me anytime for any silly things. I always there for them whenever they needed. I always miss them whether they are in touch or not, whether they are nearer or not. But I rarely express my feelings to them.
  8. I am introvert by nature and used to talk less.
  9. Blue and Green colour always attracts me.
  10. I love to sleep and I can sleep anywhere – anytime.  
  11. I love to watch movies in theatre. Mera Naam Joker, Swadesh, RockStar, Artificial Intelligence, The Matrix, Troy, The Aviator, The Departed, Blood Diamond are my favourite movies. Kishor Kumar and Mukesh are my favourite singers. Raj Kapoor, Shahrukh khan, Shahid Kapoor, Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio are my favourite actors. Madhuri Dixit, Karina Kapoor, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are my favourite actresses.
  12. My favourite bands are “Linkin Park” and “The Corrs”.
  13. I love bike riding, trekking and blogging.
  14. India is a festival country and being Indian, I love Kite festival and Navratri Festival.
  15. I love rain so much. I love to feel rain pouring on me.
  16. I like fragrance of Raatraani (Cestrum nocturnum), fragrance of petrol and fragrance of soil at the time of raining.
  17. I love my native city (Ahmedabad) too much. I always feel positive energy when I am in Ahmedabad.
  18. I never went outside of Maharashtra and Gujarat states of India. One day, I will trip to all states of India (finger crossed).
  19. I am Jain by religion and proud for same.
  20. Cricket never attracted me that much. I love to watch football and love to play chess (Though I am not good in chess).
  21. I wanted to do stupid things in college life but never did.
  22. I irritate when someone spit on road or doesn’t follow traffic rules. I irritate when someone doesn’t respect old age or female. I irritate when someone show-off and try to show superiority in casual discussion.
  23. Since childhood, I hardly fall in any fight. I never like to use slang words in conversation. I always become silent (or listener) when friends start to use slang words in discussion.
  24. I hardly hate anyone and cannot hold grudge against anyone.
  25. I always talk very warmly and cheerfully on call.

What about remaining facts out of some 100? Ohh, I am also not sure about remaining facts yet. I will let you know once I come to know about those :).

|| Rock On ||

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