Bye… Bye.. 2012

Miss Kiti Cat is popular journalist and my gossip friend. Today Morning, I got a call from her. Here some chit-chat, nay interview, with my so called journalist friend.

Kiti: Hey Uj, How are you?
Me: I am good. How are you?
Kiti: I am good too… So what’s plan for 31st December?
Me: Yet not decided… What’s about you?
Kiti: Uff… I have lots of work… You know, this Journalism. We have to be alert and active on each second…
Me: Hmm… Mean busy as usual… (With smiling)
Kiti: Yah… Hey, I need one favour from you.
Me: Yes sure, spill it.
Kiti: 31st December is 3 days away and I have to submit some random bloggers’ interview. All popular are busy..
Me [Thinking]: Ohh.. mean popular bloggers are not replying…
Kiti: are you there?
Me: Yah.. Yah.. Go on..
Kiti: So I am thinking to take your interview…
Me: Hmm.. But I am not popular one… I am just an ordinary blogger…
Kiti: That’s good na.. In these days, everyone is doing something extra ordinary.. So it’s good to write about ordinary… please!!!
Me [Thinking]: She will not leave me without an interview.. Let me give it.. At least some one is writing about me.
Me: Okay…Okay… No problem but keep it simple..

[And she started her so called interview]

Kiti: Okay.. So tell me about and your blog..
Me: I am Ujval Shah.. Some call me Uj. Born in March, 1984. Like true Pisceans, I am highly sensitive, flexible in nature, Imaginative and sensitive, Compassionate and kind, Selfless and unworldly, Intuitive and sympathetic. By Profession, I am software engineer but also interested in Blogging, Reading, watching movie, trekking and many more (not in particular order).

Because everyone around me was writing blog, I started my own first blog on blogspot in 2007 and due to lack of motivation or due to my laziness, it went to black hole. Again after 2 years, My mind started pinging me and reminding me to write something. At same time, I was reading lot of books and was sharing reviews to my friends. One of my friends gave me direction to write blog on book review and I end up with Ujval’s Lounge since 2009.

Kiti: so what type of books you read or review and why?
Me: I generally review YA book, Romantic Fiction, Thriller or Mystery Fiction. Romantic and Mystery fiction attracts me most and so I write review on them. I mostly avoid erotic-fiction. I read other genres also like autobiography or Non-Fiction but its very difficult to write review on such books because those are based on true events or some proof (That’s my belief). I read non-fiction and autobiography just for my knowledge or sometime just out of curiosity.

Kiti: Which is your most favorite book so far?
Me: So far, I like Kafka Of The Shore written by Haruki Murakami most.

Kiti: How many books you read in a month?
Me: Not a particular digit but, I have read almost 25 books in 2012. In 2013, I am planning to read 100 books in a Year.

Kiti: Wow.. That’s great..
Me: Yah, it looks great.. Looks unachievable target.. but lets see… I already bought 3 books for next year: 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ulysses by James Joyce.

Kiti: Great.. So how was your last year?
Me: It was good.. Not so great and not so bad.. I made some new friends and some enemies as well… By Touch wood, 2012 was financially good compare to 2011. And Yes, I got possession of my house.

Kiti: Congrats for house possession.
Me: Thanks dear.

Kiti: Ohh.. Its new to me that you have enemies also..
Me: Ohh.. Did I say enemies? My mistake.. There are some people out there who hate me like anything. Life is not always cool as we think.. Right?.. Sometime, consciously or unconsciously we hurt people by words or by act and that’s resulted in hate. right? I think, same things happened with me.. And as usual, I don’t hold grudge against them but I am grateful to God who gave me best friends like Dipak, Piyush, Vijay and Divya. These are my best friends. For them, I can do anything and I can turn to them for any help. (Hey Guys, Thanks for your immense support all the time. Any one of you hearing me?). Surprisingly, none of them read my blog :).

Kiti: That’s really surprising. One day, they will read your blog (smiling). What about your professional life in last year?
Me: I moved from TCS to Synechron and so became TCSer to Synechronite. I got Q3 Surpass Award in Synechron.


Kiti: Wow, Congrats for that….
Me: Thanks..

Kiti: So What were your best moments in 2012?
Me: Ohh.. Best Moments… I think, Birth day celebration with family in Essel World, Mumbai and Pre-Christmas celebration with friends in Nagaon beach..

2012-03-11 16.40.47

My Bro and Father [Essel World]


On Nagaon beach

Kiti: so what you learned in 2012 and what will be your resolution for 2013?
Me: I have learned lots of things in 2012. Like,

  • Do only those things in which you feel good.
  • Money is important but it should not be key reason behind any act. Always look at long time benefits instead of short time benefits.
  • Don’t give respect to everyone because some people never understand language of respect.
  • Always sort out the issue before it starts draining you.
  • Always keep learning because constant learning keeps you alive.

Like I stopped using social networking sites/tools, I stopped thinking on resolution as well…

Kiti: Thanks Uj for interview and Merry Christmas to you.
Me: It’s my pleasure to talk with you. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and all readers.


!! Rock On !!

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2 Responses to Bye… Bye.. 2012

  1. Seema says:

    Congrats Ujval ! For the interview and for your professional achievements ! Good job ! 🙂

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