Book Review : Evil Water

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Evil Water
Name: Evil Water by Inger Wolf
Genre: Suspense/Crime – Thriller Language: English Pages: 306
Published: December, 2012
My Rating: ★★★★
Started: 1st May 2013 Completed: 12th May, 2013
Total Reading Hour: 40-60 Hrs

Intricately-plotted… Intense… Page Turner…

Two women disappear without a trace, and the same autumn a farmer on the outskirts of Århus finds them murdered in suitcases under a heap of stone. The skin of one woman is filled with the letter Y and the other has a rare flower in her hair. Inspector Daniel Trokic is leading the case which goes in several directions: to a tribal population in Africa, religious insanity and a horrifying meeting with leeches. When a third woman disappears, Trokic is under pressure to find out what the killer wants to say with his macabre scenery and rituals.

I loved 3 characters most in the novel- Main detective Trokic, Computer Expert Lisa and Detective Jasper. This trio worked together very hard from start to end to catch psychopathic killer who is obsessed with leeches and woman with chestnut hair. I started enjoying author’s writing from very first page and my interest grown to know more deeper-darker secret with each new page. It always difficult to describe crime scene in so much detail but Author did it very well from first page itself. When you feel that story is about to reveal the killer and nearer to end, suddenly it takes another twist and turn which makes story more captivating and interesting. Story not only focused on psychology of killer but it also focuses on surreptitiousness of some African religions like Voodoo and Juju.

Some of interesting lines from novel:

  • There’s a radius around the killer’s home where he’s not active. You don’t rob the nearest bank. You don’t abduct anybody too close to your home. After all, most criminals are not that stupid. That means that there’s an area in between which is called a buffer zone.
  • We all have our individual tolerance to the smell of death, and there are several examples of a killer being able to stand a tremendous stench when handling a body. Some of them keep their victims quite some time and don’t really want to get rid of them.
  • All of history was full of characters in need of media attention. The general public was fascinated by serial killers, and it was easy for them to get into the spotlight.

Evil Water is fourth book after Frost and Ashes, Song Bird, Wasp’s Nest on chief Inspector Trokic and his team but Evil Water is first book translated in English. Hope, We will see all her previous books in English very soon and so can enjoy “Trokic” character more. “Evil Water” is really worth to read.

Note: I received an eBook copy of “Evil Water” from Melanie Navarro (Black Cat Edition publishing) on behalf of Inger Wolf- a Danish crime writer and I am very much thankful to Melanie Navarro to share such a beautiful novel.

About Author:
Inger WolfSource [Amazon]: Danish crime writer Inger Wolf has spent most of her life in the city of Århus in Denmark close to the forests and the sea. This beautiful place has been the fictitious setting for several murder cases in her novels.

Inger started writing when she was around ten years old. When she was 15, she wrote her first book – a novel about a rock band. The book was never published, and more unsuccessful attempts followed before she finally had her first novel Sidespring (On the Side) – a book about divorce and motherhood – published in 2000 by Rosinante. In the meantime she studied English at a business school, and supported herself as a freelance translator.

Long walks in the forests around Århus became the inspiration for her first crime novel Sort Sensommer (Black Indian Summer) which was published by Modtryk in 2006. Sort Sensommer won the 2006 Danish Crime Academy Award as ‘Most Exciting Crime Novel Debut’, and the rights for the book were sold to Norway, Holland, Germany, Sweden, France and Spain. Since then four more books about chief inspector Daniel Trokic and his team have been published in Denmark – Frost og Aske (Frost and Ashes) in 2008, Sangfuglen (Song Bird) in 2009, Hvepsereden (Wasp’s Nest) in 2011 and Ondt Vand (Evil Water) in 2012.

Evil Water (2012) is her first book translated into English, and more will follow. To Inger this is a new opportunity to reach and get to know a new audience.

In 2011 she decided to quit traditional publishing in order to get more control over her career. She founded her own publishing house, Black Cat Edition, which is now publishing all ebooks and future paper books.

Today, Inger lives with her Dutch boyfriend Toine and her 17 year-old daughter Cecilie in a town house in southern Spain. The household also include two cats and two dogs.

Extra Shot:
Love plus meditation is equal to sannyas. Just make your love more and more meditative, wherever it is, and meditation will take it upwards. Meditation alone is without energy; love alone is without consciousness. They both need a co-operation, a deep co-operation.
– Osho (mySamasati)

Enjoy Reading !!!

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