Book Review : My Life with a Soul

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My Life with a Soul
Name: My Life with a Soul by Suraj Jangid
Genre: YA Fiction Language: English Pages: 170
Published: 2012
My Rating: ★★★
Started: 13th May 2013 Completed: 27th May, 2013
Total Reading Hour: 20-30 Hrs

…Love story with Philosophy…

Excerpt from Book:

Sam, an eighteen year old and young school student, becomes obsessed with a religion that delves into the dangerous nature of religion, love and dreams. He goes on a search of the truth, which according to him will change the course of the world he lives in. His depression, dreams, and his newly found love, Selda, takes him to the world, which he thinks is nothing but an illusion.

Things become complicated and his life turns into a chaos.
“What will you do if a girl says ‘No’ even after proposing her eighth time?”
“What will you do if your lover is suffering from Aids?”
“What will you do if your religion tells you that you can’t die?”
“What will you do if your girlfriend dies in front of you?”

“My Life with Soul” is story about eighteen year-twelfth standard student. He is intelligent, emotional but different from others in many ways. His thoughts or his views towards life makes him different from others which makes him alone also in crowd of fake faces / friends. On time to time, He dreams of another world where he sees one beautiful girl and always wakes up in middle of dream. One day eventually, he meets Selda – same dream girl – in reality. Selda and Sam shares dream of another world with each other and gradually they fall in love and becomes two bodies – single soul. At one moment, Sam comes to know about Selda’s illness and he feels more deeper-more intense love towards her.

Author developed 2 characters very well- Sam and Selda, while other characters are just fillers. Some places, Protagonist Sam looks like selfish by nature or having superior complexity or just emotional with fire fighting characteristic who always do/think what is right and wrong and behave respectively. I love dream part of story (or can say best part of novel)  but author didn’t develop it properly or left it somewhere between. I wanted to read more about dream (Hey dear Author, do you hear me? Hope to see more in his next book 🙂 ). One good part of novel is author penned down small day-to-day incidents with humor like Sam talks to tea-maker or beggar or school-mates.

My Life with soul is story of Love with mixture of philosophy and looks like influenced by Paulo Coelho and Nicholas Sparks work (Who are masters in Philosophy and love stories respectively).  Overall book is good with different plot but it could be more better, if author developed dream part at extreme level (like Haruki Murakami penned down dream at extreme level). Author shown his capabilities by writing different story and I am expecting better novel from author. Worth to Read.

Note: I received an eBook copy of “My Life with a Soul” from author himself and I am very much thankful to him to share such a beautiful novel.

About Author:
Suraj JangidSource []:
Suraj was born in Faridabad, Haryana on 02–04-1994 and on 3rd birthday shifted to New Delhi due to ill-health of his father. He studied in Mata Gujri Public School. He became obsessed with Literature in a very young and began writing short stories and poems, which could be read online at and

He is currently studying History (Hons) in Delhi College of Arts and Commerce and partly working in a publishing house as an assistant.

Extra Shot:
Sitting alone in your room, be loving. Radiate love. Fill the whole room with your love energy. Feel vibrating with a new frequency, feel swaying as if you are in the ocean of love. Create vibrations of love energy around you. And you will start feeling immediately that something is happening, something in your aura is changing, something around your body is changing; a warmth is arising around your body… a warmth like deep orgasm. You are becoming more alive. Something like sleep is disappearing. Something like awareness is arising.
– Osho (mySamasati)

Enjoy Reading !!!

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