Book Review : Two Winters and 365 days

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Two Winters and 365 daysName: Two Winters and 365 days by Anuradha Prasad
Genre: Fiction Language: English Pages: 254
Published: 2013
My Rating: ★★★★
Started: 26th Jan, 2014 Completed: 30th Jan, 2014
Total Reading Hour: 30-35 Hrs

Excerpt from Book:

When Ananya’s life fell apart…… and crumpled at a young age she was helpless………

With the sole intention of supporting her family… she takes up editing an equally crumbling lifestyle magazine AFTER-TEA… not knowing what lay ahead… thus… Ananya’s journey into the mad mad world of the media begins. Though her journey as a professional is replete with adventure, thrill and risks she starts enjoying it …as fate could not steal away her innate talent and an eye for perfection…

But as they say… in the beautiful Bollywood city of Mumbai anything is possible!

….A die hard professional and a ‘construction magnate’ Vicky Arora falls hopelessly in love with simple Ananya…

Though Vicky feels most happy and himself with her…. does she feel the same? Was she ready to look at love again in the eye? Or was life playing a double game with her? Will she fall this time never to get up?

“Two Winters and 36 days” is a story of Ananya Bhatt who moves back from US to India with her 3 months old baby and story of her thrilling journey, from not-so-experienced editor in lifestyle magazine to national award winner editor with full of excitement, love and emotions. Author has justified each character whether its Ananya’s neighbours – Mrs Mishra and Mrs Verma or Ananya’s boss & owner of “AFTER TEA” lifestyle magazine – Vicky Arora or her college friend – Amanda.

Some good lines from book:

  • You can lose something that you have; you cannot lose something that you already are. [Pg 46]
  • There is something special in every person, son. Don’t ever underestimate anyone. [Pg 53]
  • Being a free person of the largest democratic country in the world, I take the liberty to point out that a person’s dress should not come in the way of getting hired. [Pg 54]
  • I do not think that qualifications can decide a man’s merit at work.. Otherwise, so many people in our country will not be jobless, sir.[Pg 55]
  • Big success follows small steps, simple words can express profound meanings. [Pg 74]
  • In the world of glamour, people needed to look good and act dirty but in the world, of journalism according to Ananya, one needed to be talented, truthful, direct, creative, and also tactful. [Pg 90]
  • One needed time to process and heal from one relation to be truly available for another; otherwise, one uses other people as emotional punchbags. [Pg 96]
  • Taking risks was one of the biggest qualities a good journalist should cultivate! [Pg 157]
  • A Valuable lesson she had learnt in the short span of her career was to stay clam to take right decision. [Pg 176]
  • A pen is mightier than a sword, and a commendable task is incomplete without appreciation. [Pg 238]

Good beginning sets your mood for reading and good end leaves long time effect on you.  Some novels have good beginning, some have captivating end and some have both. “Two Winters and 365 days” falls in later category. In past 3-4 years, I have read many Indian authors who are writing romantic stories and their stories hardly attracted me. I remember, I had discussion with one of my friends, who reads more than 10 books in a month and she said, “I don’t think, Indian authors have capabilities to write love story or they cannot see beyond Sex. They are in illusion that love means sex. Sex can attract college youngster but mature reader.” I was partially agree with her but when I read Durjoy Datta, I started hoping for more good authors and I will say, I found one more. Anuradha’s writing style is a blend of Haruki‘s descriptive writing and Nicholas Spark‘s platonic love theme.

But I don’t like bold paragraphs in novel. Bold paragraph shows some major event (or important content) in book but it also distracts the reader. I don’t understand that why author (I have noticed same thing in 1Q84) wants to showcase specific part because hardcore reader never miss single line whether it’s in bold font or in italic font or in normal font.

Overall, “Two Winters and 365 days” is page turner. Go and Get it, You will not disappoint.

Note: I received a copy of book from Author Dr. Anuradha Prasad and I am very much thankful to her to share such an amazing novel.

About Author [Source – Book]:

Anuradha PrasadAnuradha Prasad has a doctorate in English Literature from Mumbai University. She is an artist, a feature writer, and a journalist. She writes on invitation regularly. She loves blogging, counseling, observing nature, traveling, music, movies, Bollywood, and spending time with her family and friends. She lives in Mumbai with her Family. Her Official Site :

Extra Shot:

A lover’s eyes will gaze an eagle blind.
A lover’s ear will hear the lowest sound.

– Love’s Labour’s Lost – By William Shakespeare

!!! Enjoy Reading !!!

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3 Responses to Book Review : Two Winters and 365 days

  1. Nice review..would like to grab a copy..

    • Ujval Shah says:

      Hi Maniparna,

      Thanks for nice words… Indeed “Two Winters and 365 days” is good book. Please let me know your view once you complete it :).

      And Keep Visiting…

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