Book Review : Hold My Hand

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HoldMyHandName: Hold My Hand by Durjoy Datta
Genre: Romance Fiction Language: English Pages: 196
Published: 2013
My Rating: ★★★
Started: 1st Mar, 2014 Completed: 5th Mar, 2014
Total Reading Hour: 30 Hrs

Excerpt from Book:
Deep, an awkward young man obsessed with libraries and books, has his dream come true when he us sent to Hong Kong on an internship programme. Leaving behind jealous but encouraging friends, a supportive father and a hysterical, overprotective mother, Deep makes his first flight to a foreign land. And then he sees her, Ahana, a stunningly beautiful girl.

But Deep also has to come to terms with another reality: Ahana is blind. Together they explore Hong Kong, Ahana guiding them with the smells and sounds of the wondrous city and Deep bringing to life for her the delightful sights he sees.

They’re living a dream, till Aveek, her gorgeous ex-boyfriend, comes back into her life.

So this is 9th book of Durjoy and from very first page, its fascinating. It looks like, he stopped writing sex scene after some x pages and left Deb-Avantika behind (or at least for this novel) . “Hold My Hand” is not Durjoy’s typical love story. He has written something different. Till today, he was popular author among young kids and I think, he took one step to showcase his capability as an author and at some extend he proved himself. Author shown his love towards book through protagonist character. Book becomes more interesting when Deep moves to Hong Kong and Ahana comes in picture. Author took time to describe each characters and carefully drafted it. Author crafted Ahana character so beautifully that you start enjoying her self-confidence and her attitude towards life instead feeling pity and sympathy for her eye disorder. Every characters are added in story when necessary.

Some good lines from book:

  • Being ‘bent’ is kind of like being victorious, it’s powerful and liberating, and yet it’s lonely, like it’s only you who can feel the utter joy of flying, but you’re flying alone even in a crowd and there are no cotton clouds. [Pg 72]
  • If you were to just feel your food without being able to see it, you wouldn’t eat half the things you like. [Pg 97]
  • When it comes to kissing, quality trumps quantity. That’s like the only rule to kissing [Pg 146]
  • Stupid eyes, always ruining everything. [Pg 165]

Then why 3 stars? I agree, start is good; plot is good; character crafting is awesome; but end is predictable and common. It’s not holding till end and loose grip. But still I am happy to read different story from his pen. If you are expecting love story like Deb & Avantika’s story, then clean your thoughts and start with different mindset.

About Author:

Source [Wiki]: Durjoy Datta (born February 7, 1987) is an Indian author who writes romance fiction.He graduated from Delhi College of Engineering and then went on to do PGDBM in marketing from Management Development Institute.He has co-founded Grapevine India Publishers. He is the author of 6 runaway bestselling books. In 2009, he was recognized as a young achiever by The Times of India,he was also chosen as one of the two young achievers in the field of Media and Communications by Whistling Woods International in 2011. In 2012, he was one of the recipients of the Teacher’s Achievement Awards, joining the likes of Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Prahlad Kakkar among others. He has also spoken in various TEDx conferences in colleges across India. He was one of the highest selling Indian authors in the year 2011.

Extra Shot:

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

!!! Enjoy Reading !!!

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