My “Dream” In My “Dreams”

A Shade Of Pen

As I lazily open my dreamy eyes, it takes some time to adjust to the scenery. Sometimes, my dreams show me things I will never have and yet when I wake up, I feel a sense of completeness because I have lived them when I couldn’t have them in reality.

I love my dreams immensely because I believe they’re more than just figments of imagination. I’ve met people I shall never see in my life, but in those three or four hours of uninterrupted sleep, I’ve stayed with them, spoken to them, laughed with them, held hands, seen the stars together and had a great day packed with sugar sweet memories. Why should I be sad on waking up?

They’re a part of my reality. I lived these memories and on those 2 o clock nights, when I am awake like an owl, I think of these dreams and smile…

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