Television Series – One day, Two Episodes

Finally, monsoon arrived in India and will be here for 4 months. It was cold outside. I was drinking my favorite cappuccino and watching hills & roads from big window of my apartment. Everything turned into Green & Black. I was thinking about football world-cup and Messi (Messi is best as always). Then it occurred to me, what next after football final in this rainy season? And my friend Sagar came up with television series. I got those in abundance and felt like, I am opulent (at-least in terms of series 🙂 ). From onwards, I am planning to watch at-least 2 episodes on daily basis with caffeine in my favorite cup (My planing never match with my execution, so don’t go by words 😉 ). I have seen some episodes of Vampire Diary & Prison Break and I loved those episodes. Checkout series in my bucket (have a little patience, Images may take time to load ) .

Band Of Brothers

breaking bad












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2 Responses to Television Series – One day, Two Episodes

  1. નિરવ says:

    Vikings , Band of brothers & Spartacus have been in a queue . . .

    nice list . right now i’m watching ” Masters of Sex ” . . . A nice series if you wanna stop by .

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