Tuesday Musing : Fellow Blogger [courtingmadness.wordpress.com]

From today onwards every Tuesday, I will share my interesting-fellow-favorite blogger details. They are blogging on various topics starting from poem to book to movie to fashion to photography to anything interesting.

COCO J. GINGER I know her by “Girl wears a Hat” :). Her writing is captivating and you can feel freshness in her writing. I started following her almost 1 year (or 2 years) back and I must say, I am fond of her writing. Whenever I feel bored or tired, I visit her blog and reads anything written by her. She is an author of 2 blogs – Coco J. Ginger Says (more than 11000 follower and  2.7 lac+ hits till date) and Coco J. Ginger Doodles. Her post featured on “WordPress Freshly Pressed”.

“I had hoped to be disliked by most, not by way of rebellion, but by way of excellence, disdain for the habitual, and the common man’s inability to grasp this. The act of being scorned? I saw it as a victory, my irreverent boast against this world which could never fully quench me.” ―  Coco J. Ginger 

i write. I dance. I play. i eat healthy chocolate all day. I am a clever girl with a strong will and a high temper.

You can follow her on  

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