Tuesday Musing : Fellow Blogger [Live Your Dream]

Every Tuesday, I share my interesting-fellow-favorite blogger’s details. They are blogging on various topics starting from poem to book to movie to fashion to photography to anything interesting.

Sayed – When I started writing my blog in 2009, I posted my blog link into company’s internal reading portal and from there, I got one more avid book reader – Sayed Khadri. Though we were in same company and in same location, we never met personally but our friendship has been grown by books. I think, He is the first book blogger I have started following. We both love different genre but I always loved his choice of book and his review. sometimes apart from book review, he writes something “out of the box”  and  one of those (and my most favorite post ever from all bloggers) is “There is no spoon!“.

He has written more than 100 articles so far.

Blog Link – Live Your Dream.

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One Response to Tuesday Musing : Fellow Blogger [Live Your Dream]

  1. Sayed Khadri says:

    Thanks a lot Ujval for kind words, glad you liked it 🙂

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