Book Review : The Devil’s Gate

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The Devil's Gate

The Devil’s Gate

Name: The Devil’s Gate by Dr.Deepak Kripal
Genre: Fiction Language: English Pages: 248
Published: 2013
My Rating: ★★★
Started(Re-Read): 27th May, 2015 Completed: 29th May, 2015
Total Reading Hour: 35 Hrs

Excerpt from Book:
SIDELINED BY MAN, ANIMALS TURNED TO DEMONS. Plundered by humans of their habitats, animals take a drastic step when they decide to send a team of a cat named as Katy and a dog named as Dug, to an invisible island known, as the Island of ‘Five Hundred Graves’. The island becomes visible only for a short time on the night of the full moon. Legend has it that the island is inhabited by the demons. Katy and Dug are supposed to negotiate a deal with the demons, convincing them to allow the animals inhabit the island. Majority of the animal community believe that tinkering with the other world could bring their wrath to the animals. The team is sent to the island nevertheless. But can a deal with the dead be materialized? Are there really demons on the island? Is there any conspiracy involved? Will Katy and Dug be able to negotiate, or will survival remain their only question in the deadly island?

When I read the excerpt, I felt, this book would be different than usual debut book. And at some extent, this book is really different. I am not sure whether I can consider this novel as children fiction or fictional thriller but I am sure, author is really imaginative while writing a novel. Like Chetan bhagat started love story era and Amish Tripathi started mythological fiction era, similarly this book may start new era in Indian novel industry (Not putting Amitav Ghosh, Jhumpa Lahiri, Salman Rushdie in list as they are established authors and mostly famous in avid readers in India) .

In my  childhood, I used to read Panchatantra / Champak and I was big fan of those animal stories. Part of my heart is still like a child which still loves animal stories and that might be the reason, I like this novel. Katy – a single cat along with Dug – a trained dog have been sent on a mission to invisible/deadly island and to deal with demons for animal community’s establishment. In this journey, they meet Billy – an owl, Chiku – a mute demon and a 5000 year old dead rat.

I love the way author described Billy and his philosophical view. Billy always come up with some philosophical view which is given by his legendary father. There are many light moments in between Katy and Dug. My biggest dissatisfaction is Katy’s character. Author didn’t develop Katy’s character properly. Katy’s character have to be more powerful, more darker and more mature. (I love Haruki Murakami when he explains Cat’s characteristic. He always describe cat in different way. Remember Kafka On The Shore?). In spite of my disappointment, I cannot deny that author did amazing job in his debut.

Novel’s starting is too slow and end is too sudden. I am giving it to 3 out of 5 because I feel, author could have written better than this. I am recommending this book to those who are interested in animal fiction stories.

Note: I received a copy of book from an Author and I am very much thankful to Dr.Deepak to share such an amazing novel.

About Author:

DeepakKripalDeepak Kripal, 29 years, was born in Uttarakhand. He is a doctor by profession, and a writer by choice. He completed his MBBS and internship from Kanpur in 2009, and currently lives in New Delhi. He believes in dreams, and tries to live one day at a time. A known name in the blogosphere, he loves to blog. Writing a book was always in his mind. He was waiting for a story worthy of writing his first book, and as soon as that happened, the seeds of his debut novel were sown.

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Extra Shot:

That’s difference between you and me, you wanna lose small, I wanna win big.
– Harvey Specter

Enjoy Reading…

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