Book Review : 5 Soul Searching Short Stories

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5SSSS frontName: 5 Soul Searching Stories by Shailesh Khatri
Genre: Fiction Language: English Pages: 116
Published: 2012
My Rating: ★★★
Started(Re-Read): 24th May, 2015 Completed: 27th May, 2015
Total Reading Hour: 10 Hrs

Excerpt from Book:
Five stories with five critical messages on life… Five situations with the protagonist making a decision that changes his life… Five circumstances that show you that life is never fair and yet… one needs to make the critical decision.

1. Amar, a promising stock analyst, gets the job of his dreams. However, circumstances lead to his failure. What does Amar do?

2. Uma  is looking for the purpose of his life. He wants to give up the luxuries of life to find the truth. Does he eventually succeed?

3. Ravi  loses his job one fine day and befriends  those who tell him that the rich should sacrifice for the poor. He believes them. Does he benefit?

4. Vikas is shocked and annoyed when his parents decide to take him to their native village instead of Switzerland. What does he learn?

5. Pratap, a gold medalist in law, gets the job of his dreams in a well-known law firm. He faces a trying case. How does he respond?

Short stories are always difficult to read. There is separate class who love and read short stories. Most of readers always have complaint about short stories storyline. I had complaints too but after reading many short stories, I understood the theme. Short stories are not a full 200+ pages novel but 10 pages story with in-between-the-line messages. 5 Soul searching short stories are one of them.

5 Soul Searching stories were quite simple and narrations were very straight forward. All stories are picked up from day-to-day life scenarios, you can connect/relate story with anyone’s life. All the stories start well, engage the reader and force reader to think.There are some weak points as well like ends are so predictable but still author did amazing job.

Good to have this novel in travel bag-pack. You can complete in 10 hours. Go, Get it and Read it.

Note: I received a copy of book from BecomeShakeshpeare.Com and I am very much thankful to publication account to share such an amazing novel.

About Author:

Shailesh Khatri is a practicing Advocate turned full-time author and comes from a family of Judges and Lawyers. After graduating in Science from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, he joined the Government Law College, Mumbai to study Law. On passing Law, he practiced in some prestigious chambers and then set up his own practice. The author also taught Business Law for a few years to commerce students at Bhavan’s Hazarimal Somani College at Chowpatty, Mumbai. His hobbies include reading, writing and listening to music. He has also written a book titled ‘Reflections’ which is a book of essays dealing with what is ailing contemporary society today

Extra Shot:

Don’t waste time trying to explain the problem, fix it instead.
– Harvey Specter

Enjoy Reading…

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