Book Review : Tea for two and a piece of cake

One day, My friend and I were discussing his favorite topic and topic was LOVE. Most of the time, I act as listener and he act as speaker (most of time, it turns into one sided discussion 🙂 ). Here is little chit-chat with him.

Friend: So, what’s meaning of LOVE according to you? (He always start discussion with Question and I always hate him for same)
Me:Hmm, It depends on How you see and How you think. (I always answer him like same)
Friend: Yaar, why your answer is same every time for every question.
Me: Ok. Shoot me next question or tell me the story instead of asking the question. (and most of time, he starts one side discussion)
Friend: You know, there are two types of Love, actually 3 types.
Me: Stop there.. There is only one type which starts from heart and ends at heart.
Friend: Whatever.. I am not agree with you.
Me: You never agree with me but one day, you will find such Love and Now, stop discussing this topic with me else I will leave. (and first time it happened, he stopped discussing it)
[I had this discussion some years back with him and later, he found pure love, married and right now, settled in life and having one child also].

Why suddenly it appears in my mind right? “Tea for two and a piece of cake” partially covers story of Love in some sense.

Name: Tea for two and a piece of cake
Author: Preeti Shenoy
Genre: Fiction
Language: English
Pages: 259(Paperback)
Buy: Flipkart, Amazon
My Rating:

Started: 13th June, 2012
Completed: 18th June, 2012
Total Reading Hour: 8-10 Hrs

Love is not blind – it sees more, not less.

But because it sees more, it is willing to see less.

Nisha’s life is far from perfect. At twenty-six, she is plump, plain-looking and without a boyfriend. A chance date and a bizarre twist of events lead her to the altar with suave Samir Sharma, only to be abandoned eight years later. As she struggles to stand on her own feet, Akash, a younger guy, enters her life. Can Nisha find a love a second time? Is Samir’s love heart to heart love?  Is Akash’s love heart to heart love?

This book is really unusual, a heart-warming and gripping love-story between two people who has so much to lose by getting into a relationship with each other, yet so much to gain. You can see author’s writing improved amazingly in “Tea for two and a piece of cake”. Far better than her earlier 2 books. You will love to read this book.

About Author: [Official Site] [Facebook] [Blog]

Source [Wiki]: Author started developing her writing skills since an early age, but only considered becoming a professional writer after she created herself a blog in October 2006. The number of page hits on her blog increased day by day, and readers throughout the world suggested her that she should consider publishing her texts.In 2007 she wrote a couple of articles for MetroScan, a local magazine, and in the beginning of 2008 she was invited to start contributing regularly to the newspaper Times of India. On this same year she wrote articles for Reader’s Digest “Joy”, and had her articles republished in various other Indian newspapers and magazines. Encouraged by the favorable reception of her first publications, she decided it was time to dedicate to a larger project, and began writing her first book, a collection of narratives based on real life incidents, some of which had been previously posted on her blog in a shorter form. It was launched in October 2008. Her second book, a fictional novel about an Indian girl named Ankita Sharma, was published in January 2011. Her plans are to become a full time writer.

Enjoy Reading !!!

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